Hardwoods Specialty Products has partnered with URUFOR to bring you Red Grandis. Red Grandis is a wood that varies in color from pink to white cream to light rose but its claim to fame likely belongs to the fact that it is certifiably green. A versitile clear timber with superior consistency in appearance, a cost effective alternative as it can be stained to resemble other wood.A great hardwood for windows & doors. For All Sales Inquires: 800-553-5345 If you have a particular need such as a red grandis glued-up panel we can supply that as well. Believed available from well-managed sources. Red Grandis is a worthy alternative to Cedar wood, with a similar quality to Oak. 'dimension3': 'undefined', AIA Continuing Education BNP Media is a registered provider with the American Institute of ... • Describe how wood contributes to credits under various green building rating systems. Additional areas where the species trials have been conducted include California, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Red Grandis, known by the Latin name Eucalyptus Grandis, is a versatile, high-performance red hardwood.. Red Grandis is native to eastern Australia, but is also grown by plantation in South Africa and South America. ]]> We have reflected carefully and feel that buying from this supply chain allows us to offer an environmentally responsible product. Red Grandis is a plantation grown hardwood sourced … Choose from a variety of styles and be guaranteed that they are made to the rigid high standards that have become the hallmark of Lotus Wood Products. //-->