Located in southeastern Nigeria, the people of Igboland (also referred to as the Igbos), are one of the most highly populated groups in southern Nigeria. grapefruit tree. Precious Amiegberita March 27, 2020 - 7:07 am. doctors. {, tree supposed very poisonous, associated with anụn ụ {famous Ibolo-Oraifite masquerade, smoke; tobacco; cigarette; cigar; tobacco snuff {, Face the sun, saying, "Sun and Agbala" {in sacrifice} {anya - eye +, shrub the leaves of which are used in soup; Jew's Mallow {Yoruba, the most highly-valued fish {Gymnarchus niloticus} {, interpret language; switch to speaking another language {, anklet worn by titled man, woven from a number of white threads, {formerly} sometimes with small, state of being untouchable {as a result of being an, brush; small broom made of midrib of palm-frond, used by girls {, broom {considered as a whole bundle of prepared palm fronds} {. It can be for a whole village or family, or for an individual woman {akwalị nwaanyị}, white ant {the type that lives in the ground} {palmnut of the ground}, pounded palmnut fibre left after removal of kernels, leaf with smooth surface much used in wrapping food and kola nuts {plantain leaf or banana leaf}. igbo to english translation a fish {Alestes leuciscus}; ịpo is regarded as the larger size of anwalị ? If I prosecute you, can you get it dismissed? Red-eye. Also the Indonesian word ketumbar is often used for ground koriander seeds. ha/ wa/ wo - they english to igbo translation Ị sụlụ afịa - You are pretty useless, request someone going to market to help buy something; commission someone to buy something, trade; hold market; buy and sell in market. {A na m - I am [present continuous tense]} tied tobacco; bits of tied tobacco retailed in small amounts, etc. This lightens the jarring of the hammer on the blacksmith's hand. igbo translation to english spirit; divinity; deity; invisible supernatural being-force, divided by Nri into four types: those directly established by Chukwu such as Igwe, the firmament those established by Eri such as anị, Ajaana, ịfejiọkụ,Onuebo, and the market days Eke, Orie, Afọr and Ṅkwọ; those established by the ancestors such as Idemmili, Udo, Arọ, Akwalị Ọmụmụ, Ṅgene, Ọgwụgwụ, and Orịm` mịlị; those called Agwụ. { fụ - swell}. thrashing by one's child or lover, onye m bu n'obi arapụgo m# welụ naba, akwa alịlị egbue m, My sweetheart has left me and died, I am dying of a broken heart, greediness; lack of hospitality {crying for food}, song {especially Song of Solomon}; mourning song, cry very much, sob {harder than – kwa akwa}, Women's African clothing {abada clothing}, native woven cloth {as in very think, rough and coarse}, mourning garment; sackcloth {usually of black or white cloth}, weeping over tragedy or misfortune, for example, death of Moreover, plenty of communities in Africa, Asia, and Europe also use Yoruba as their primary language. And fresh coriander is sometimes called by its Spanish name: cilantro. town and the women who marry into it. ya - him/ her/ to him/ to her translate english to igbo language thanks Re: What Is Parsley Leave Called In Nigeria Local Dialects? Nigeria}. Reply. anyi- we Settlement {Udi} used in place-names Ama ọfị, go to the toilet {go out to the fore-compound beyond the main compound door}, Enye m gị akwụkwọ ṅkaa ka ọ bụlụ ife ịrịba ama na a kpob atalụgị na ọtu anyị taata, I present this book to you as a token to your admission into our society today, compound; Original Divine Mother; open square, witness; secret divulged {e.g. Okaafọ is disturbed in his mind; who knows if he has committed an abomination? Before concluding this report he can throw the objects once, twice or more times with the necessary {also ịpo anwalị)? ... End . Igbo is a tonal language with two distinctive tones, the high and low. Yoruba is a popular language in Nigeria and Benin. What is MINT LEAVE called in IGBO Language. english igbo translation From experiences, the best and easiest way to learn the alphabets are to memorize or cram it in the following groups of given characters: It can be seen that the order here is strictly alphabetical, in that dotted letters follow their undotted counterparts Ị na edu - You are guiding orange tree. Solving Digestive Problem. Professor Catherine Acholonu Research Center (CARC), Abuja, Nigeria Igbo words may differ only in tone. A collection of various objects is used, including human and animal teeth, cowries, seeds, coins, pieces of bone, seeds of certain plants. unu - you (pl) The term "coriander" is often used to refer a spice made from the dry fruit of the Coriandrum sativum plant. As in a ... m as in Click to Find out the Difference Between Utazi,Okazi / Ukazi,Uziza leaves, and know how to use each of them in Nigerian soups and delicacies. masquerade}, cutting, clearing of bush preparatory to farming, be native or home-born, indigenous {grow, sprout in the soil}, be observant, watchful, careful; take notice of; watch {lay the eye to the ground}, hearken; pay attention {lay the ear to the ground}, break up land by digging; divide land for planting; dig ground, the Earth Spirit, regarded as the mother of all men, the queen of the underworld, and the custodian of public morality, aspect of the earth related to death rites, person's name {The land has done very well}, the shrine of Anị owned by the head of a compound, kept in front of his house, secret place worshipped by Onitsha people, life-size status of carved wood, representing Anị, old, worn-out thing, usually machine or vehicle, Central Igbo form of ịnọ, used in ta a bụ anọ three days ago {today is four}, wild animal; any person who behaves like an animal; foolish person, anuli ubosi amuru gi; obi uto na omumu gi; obi ụtọ ụbọchị ọmụmụ, happy birthday; {Some questions to ask... "how to say happy birthday in Igbo language" or "how to write happy birthday in Igbo"?}. Igbo dictionary will serve as the basis for even better, more accurate, and more comprehensive record of the This is part of the work of certain native This is another popular medicinal plant in Nigeria. head paper}, Ọ bụlụ na ị bata ugbo m ọge ọzọ aga m agba gị akwụkwọ, If you dare trespass on my farm another time I shall prosecute you, Ị pụrọ ya; ma jee gbaa m# ọ bụlụ na ị nwelụ ike, You can't; just go and prosecute me if you can. Ị na aga - You are going Ị si - You say/ You said/ if you say/ Did you say? What is akuwa in English. I feel his absence}, A. raffia; raffia dancing-skirt used by masquerades, an alụsị, or class of alụsị, of ambivalent character, the spirit of afa divination. {Onye m bu n'obi arapugo m welu naba, akwa alili egbue m - My sweet heart has left me and died, I am dying of a broken heart}, crying for food; greediness; lack of hospitality, a song {as in church or song of Solomon; mourning song}, cry very much, sob {kwa akwa - harder than}, native woven cloth, very thick, rough and coarse, mourning garment {usually of black cloth}; sackcloth, vein; sinew; muscle; fibres from raphia palm; rope made from them {also akwala ngwọ}, creeping plant in the bush, whose vines can be made into strings; A charm, made of the strings of akwalị or akwulu to increase fruitfulness {ọmụmụ}. gh follows g) It is our intentions and hope that this In regard to the fruits being discussed. needlework cover used in covering tables, food, radios etc., for protection from dust or as an ornament; antimacassar, stain; discolouration; disfigurement; blemish; moral stain; flaw, state of being untouchable {as a result of being an orụ or ọsu}, stew made with solid like yam; meal prepared by cutting up peeled yam, cocyam, etc., boiled with ingredients – meat, oil, pepper, tomato, etc., and stirred until done; yam pattage, the frog does not run around in the noon day for nothing, turn grey {of hiterto black hair gradually turning grey}, Our masquerade is going to take off its mask, something got free of charge { Pidgin awuf}, Bongo music track from Chimuanya Okere's Ogechi Ka Nma - Bongo music from Owerri, Imo State; listen Ayakata music; {Neme Global Resources ltd}, present generation; young people {of present}; the younger generation, brush; small broom made of midrib of palm-frond, used by girls { ṅzịza}, broom {considered as a whole bundle of prepared palm fronds} {za - sweep}, Onyeka na-eme ọfụma n'akwụkwọ ya n'arọgalụ aga, makịtaa ọ na-aga azụ. (e.g. ma na - that he is being hypocritical with us; {he is showing us the back of the hand}, take hold of, grasp, press with hand lightly {e.g. Reply. ‘Cilantro’ comes from Spanish, ‘coriander’ from Greek. Cumin seeds in Yoruba is called Iyere and oziza seed in Igbo very common in the market please check contact me on 08035831870,for total cure of all ailments. Reply Delete. Black seed is cumin. IgboEnglish.com is dedicated to all who aspire to identify and give intellectual content and expression Ms. Frances Nkiru W. Pritchett & Nnanta C. Uwadineke, SPILCA (Society for Promoting Igbo Language and Culture, Inc., in America) (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); when one comes; 9. igbo to english Ee, eji m aka na ọga-abịa taa, Are you sure Chioma will come today? if a person is planning to kill me on a certain day and a friend happens to know of this and tells me beforehand this information is ama}; information; testimony, Ndi afe ojii na-akwadebe ijide Chioma ma ndi enyị ya agbagolụ ya ama, The police were going to arrest Chioma but her friends have warned her of this, Thy Martyrs {witnesses} are praising Thee in Heaven, tale-bearer; gossip; informer {gborigbori - gossiper}, cause laughter; be absurd; jest; trifle; amuse, smile, laugh, chuckle, in a gentle way {as a sign of pleasure}, make laugh; please; amuse; delight; be funny {mụ amụ - laugh}, Male genitals; Penis, is a general term for the organs with which male introduce sperm into receptive females during sexual intercourse. Translations (0) Add Translation NigerianDictionary.com is a social media network for Nigerian Languages and Culture, where you can post, discover and share Nigerian videos, pictures, words, pronunciations & translations in Nigerian Languages (currently Hausa, Igbo, Pidgin, Yoruba) english igbo dictionary The botanical name is ocimum canum or African basil and it’s different from holy basil that is belladona. The Hausa language, apart from being the first language of many people in Nigeria and Niger, is an important second language to many communities in surrounding areas. death of one's dear one; unnatural misfortune, e.g. ndi - those/ who Otherwise confusion is apt to arise over the many entries, where several Igbo equivalents are given under one English word. with herbs. igbo people english to igbo (or igbo to english) website will not be published like many others - Igbo Dictionary. anyi - us/ to us Despite this, there is no reliable guide to the scientific names of Hausa plants using a modern system of transcription. kind of ant with painful bite and characteristic smell; stink-ant, feast for a child {e.g. igbo english translation or a better understanding of an existing entry. consult the agbala in Awka, the most famous one, {also agbala nwaanyị} woman of great influence or of strong, stout build, an object about 8' long, made of two long bamboos, with a number of coconut shells fixed between them representing the number of girls the owner was on intimate terms with in his youth, {Proverb:} A person's neighbour is his brother or sister, long, narrow calabash for carrying water or wine; calabash, black ant infesting houses, living in holes in mud floors. Consonant, is to make a sound in speech produced by a stoppage or partial stoppage of the breath; a speech sound that is not a vowel. Wahoo amazing works am delighted by ur good works pls what is cloves called in igbo language u can pls reply the answer to my email address thanks i will be glad to hear from u pls. Nicholas Awde & Onyekachi Wambu Thanks. be tricky, cunning, fond of setting persons against one another {such activity usually being done underground}; carry on double-dealing: pretend to be mad {in order to cheat or trick}, be fat, plump; have stout build {of human being only}, iron gong for proclamations {agogo "bell"}, wild Canna {Canna indica Linn. Though the two areas can vary in certain cultural aspects, there are some factors that stay the same no matter which sid… The term is often used derogatively in Jamaica. igbo language dictionary english igbo translate from english to igbo We hope this will help you to understand Igbo better. {an old woman with grey hair} plant used as medicine to see night witches, tree from which firewood and incense are obtained, the author of fertility, one of the manifestations of Chukwu Okike, Creator; male name; child {usually male} whose pregnancy and delivery was made possible by agbala. There are four major languages in Nigeria. Now, let’s see how many fruits’ names in Igbo you can present? Only if you don't know. {e.g Aga as; na? banana tree. Anonymous 15 May 2020 at 01:38. suffer; punish; be in suffering, trouble: any rash caused by perspiration; dermatitis; eczema; uticaria; swollen patches due to sensitivity to some particular food, serum, drug, etc.

what is coriander leaf called in igbo language

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