The Proposition mixes your standard bushranger action film with social commentary on the civilizing of the Outback (Particularly by the Victorian British) and the treatment and slaughter of rebellious Aborigines. The characters are familiar: The desperado brothers, the zealous lawman, his civilized wife, the corrupt mayor, the old coots, the resentful natives. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism. Where to watch. Rate And Review. Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. There is extreme gun and knife violence. His dialogue is peculiar, the speech of an educated man. For all these flaws, the film nevertheless brings the. And what of the aborigines, who inhabit this landscape more or less invisibly, and have their own treaty with it? For all these flaws, the film nevertheless brings the extraordinary landscape of western Queensland to life, and captures the severity and harshness of the Australian outback and its chequered history. Super Reviewer. One of the most achingly slow and boring films i've sen in a long time, beautifully shot, but cold have been told in 30 mins! The characters within this film are not artificially THE PROPOSITION is a violent, provocative western set in the harsh, unforgiving landscape of the Australian outback. The first half of the flim was pretty slow, but once the action got going, it became a powerful and entertaining film. The Proposition (review) by MaryAnn Johanson. Very harsh and brutal yet flowed with an almost fairy-tale quality where good and bad blended into grey to the haunting tunes of Nick Cave. Stanley (Winstone) has captured the younger two … John Hurt has a bit of fun as a drunken bounty hunter, Ray Winstone and Emily Watson attempt to counterpoint the malevolence with some "civilised and repressed" posturing, but to no great effect really. Aug 28, 2018 Christina ~ Brunette Reader rated it really liked it. "The Proposition" plays like a Western moved from Colorado to Hell. The widest release in the United States for the film was 200 theatres and it ended up earning $1,903,434. Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming, The Freshman 15: 2020's Best Debut Albums, Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World. The Proposition Blu-ray review; Reviews The Proposition Blu-ray review. Completely unimpressed with John Hurt's "cameo" appearance. I don't think it added anything to the film. Ray Winstone, who often plays villains, is one of the best actors now at work in movies (see him in "Sexy Beast," "Ripley's Game," "Last Orders"). Fantastic film. Start your review of The Proposition. But the director John Hillcoat, working from a screenplay by Nick Cave, has made a movie you cannot turn away from; it is so pitiless and uncompromising, so filled with pathos and disregarded innocence, that it is a record of those things we pray to be delivered from. Verified. In the end, this is a film about retribution and justice within unjust circumstances. Write a review. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Down To The Valley (The Proposition) - Duration: 3:49. He is able to capture Charlie and Mike Burns: Mike, a youth like the Kid in Blood Meridian, still half-formed but schooled only in desperation, and Charlie, an inward, brooding, damaged man whose feelings are as instinctive as a kicked dog. 1 / Video . Almost as cringe inducing as the "Knocking on Heaven's Door" sequence in "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid", in fact - a movie that this movie is far too close to. Lots of violence, lots of ham-fisted allegory, lots of banal "insight" into Australian race relations, and copious amounts of fringe of pain overacting. This movie comes close to realizing the vision of that dread and despairing story. Against him is Captain Stanley (Ray Winstone), who is not precisely a sheriff since this land is not precisely a place where the law exists. Have you read Blood Meridian, the novel by Cormac McCarthy? That book features a character known as the Judge, a tall, bald, remorseless bounty hunter who essentially wants to kill anyone he can, until he dies. He is played by Danny Huston in a performance of remarkable focus and savagery. Stanley are all given their dignity -- and it's that code that sets the film apart. An unconventional Australian western with a pretty fixation for sunset landscapes, The Proposition is a hard-edged revival of the nearly dead western genre contemporary to its overrated American remake counterparts such as 3:10 to Yuma (2007). He is more of an Ahab, obsessed with tracking down Arthur Burns and his brothers Charlie (Guy Pearce) and Mike (Richard Wilson). ’The Proposition’ is a bit too short to flesh out its supporting characters as well as I would have liked, but it’s tough to fault a film that develops such compelling leads. Original Review Date: 5/3/2006 The Proposition is the unglamourized West that few Westerns ever show. In what place within Arthur Burns does poetry reside? The opening of John Hillcoat's The Proposition wastes no time getting you in the mood. The Proposition This one finds him playing an outlaw who gets caught along with his mentally disabled brother. I found there was a supernatural feel to this film on top of the harsh wild world that was colonial Australia. The performances are impressive, though perhaps David Wenham verges on caricature. There are echoes of the Ned Kelly legend in this vivid bushranger western from the pen of Nick Cave. The Burns boys murdered the Hopkins family, pregnant wife and all, perhaps more for entertainment than gain. What does he feel as he quotes it? The Captain himself ventures out on the trail, finding such settlers as have chosen to live in exile and punishment. Audio . The Proposition's visualization, set against the sprawling and striking landscapes of the Australian Outback, serve as the lead character of the film. "The Proposition" is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian). A lawman apprehends a notorious outlaw and gives him nine days to kill his older brother, or else they'll execute his younger brother. Wildly overpraised movie, especially in the English and Australian press. Mon May 22 2006, 04:58pm | 4 comments. "The Proposition" has such a character in an outlaw named Arthur Burns, who is much given to poetic quotations. What does Martha, the Emily Watson character, really think as she uncrates a Christmas tree she has had shipped in from another lifetime? The film delves into the themes of screenwriter Nick Cave 's harrowing body of song lyrics -- death, loneliness, and betrayal -- which play out brilliantly against this desolate Australian landscape. His dialogue is peculiar, the speech of an educated man. The Captain is not happy with his prisoners, because he lacks the real prize. The Proposition Review. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Recommended for you Mort and Richard review The Proposition. "What fresh hell is this?" Four or five criminals are being shot at in a small shack and quickly answer back with ample fire power. Ranked: The Best and Worst Westerns of the Past 25 Years. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for The Proposition [Original Soundtrack] - Nick Cave, Warren Ellis on AllMusic - 2005 - To accompany the film adaptation of his own… The Proposition Review. There is a sense of palpable fear of the Outback in many Australian films, from "Walkabout" to "Japanese Story," not neglecting the tamer landscapes in "Picnic at Hanging Rock." He makes a proposition to Charlie. The film also grossed $3,145,259 internationally including $1,567,266 in Australia and $1,157,037 in the United Kingdom for a total of $5,048,693. It is a proposition which will have karmic repercussions for all involved. They are not merely outlaws, desperados, villains, but dedicated to evil for its own sake, and the film opens with a photograph labeled "Scene of the Hopkins Outrage." The Proposition Ratings & Reviews Explanation. There is the sense that spaces there are too empty to admit human content. Charlie and Mikey, and their … Directed by John Hillcoat, this Aussie feature perfectly re-creates the charbroiled landscapes and cruel psychodrama of the old Sergio Leone westerns, with John Hurt particularly fine as a raging old mountain goat. The Proposition Review . Magnificent. The whole thing ends rather anticlimatically after an excruciatingly brutal Xmas dinner, with dysfunctional brothers Guy and Danny wandering off across the sunblasted landscape to die together, while simultaneously speculating on the unhappy nature of families. Want to see Edit. He feels no particular filial love for Arthur; they are bonded mostly by mutual hatred of others. Image . Directed by John Hillcoat. Well, no, actually: It’s more like a bucket of mutilated radioactive mutant dwarf tigers with ferocious teeth and rabies. Lawman Captain Stanley (Winstone) has captured two of the notorious Burns brothers, Charlie (Pearce) and Mike (Wilson). "The Proposition" Review It seemed almost painfully ironic to see "The Proposition", an Australian Western written by musical poet Nick Cave and directed by John Hillcoat, on the same day that Desmond Turner was arrested in Indianapolis for his alleged mass killing of four adults and three children in an apparent robbery gone awry. The most colorful -- no, "colorful" is not a word for this movie -- the most gnarled and cured by the sun is Jellon Lamb, played by John Hurt as if he is made of jerky. Surprised that Ray Winstone hasn't had more acting opportunities in America...this is another superb job by him. Shelves: historical-romance-victorian, victorian-late-1871-1901. The bonds of family are the centerpiece of this highly uneven, hyperviolent film. Robin's Review: B It always amazes me that the American old west and its counterpart, Australia’s half a world away, bears so … Completely unimpressed with John Hurt's "cameo". John Hillcoat's Aussie Western arrives on Blu-ray. Music to Be Murdered By - Side B (Deluxe Edition). A western written by Nick Cave (of The Bad Seeds), set against the parch landscape of the 1880s, lawless, Australian outback Get a quick update on the latest film news and watch all of this week's... Film Friday (1/15): This Week's New Movie Trailers, Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. (First Look Pictures Releasing). Each character has a personal code of honor -- Arthur, Charlie and Capt. What Fresh Hell Is This? Rated R If Captain Stanley is as tender toward her as he seems, why has he brought her to live in these badlands? Free. Here he plays a man who would be fearsome enough in an ordinary land, but pales before the malevolence of the Burns brothers. Submit review. Perhaps, like Bloom, it will take you more than one try to face the carnage. The leader of the local police, Captain Stanley, captures Charlie Burns and his brother, Mikey, after a short gunfight. If Charlie tracks and kills his brother Arthur, the Captain will spare both Charlie and Mike. But the setting is the Outback of Australia as I have never seen it before. These spaces don't seem wide open because an oppressive sky glares down at the sullen earth; this world is sun-baked, hostile, unforgiving, and it breeds heartless men. "The Proposition" may not be remembered as a classic Western, but it is an unusual one, quiet and operatic, stark and stunningly beautiful. So the movie I watched was an Australian western staring Guy Pierce. So, this is principally a movie for people that think Sam Peckinpah was some kind of visionary, and who think biblical symbolism is really , like "powerful" - and not simply an outdated artistic device. amazing: great acting, makes Unforgiven look 2D. Previous Next Show Grid. Visually stunning and a good story too. By Total Film 10 March 2006. An excellent film, especially when viewed in a movie house. The first half of the flim was pretty slow, but once the action got going, it became a powerful and entertaining film. Free. The sketchily symbolic characters and flat plot just frame an atmosphere of sticky heat and Biblical reckoning. By Chris Cabin. © 2020 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. In the 1880s, it is an achievement as likely as Ahab capturing the whale. The critic Harold Bloom believes no other living American novelist has written a book as strong and compares it with Faulkner and Melville, but confesses his first two attempts to read it failed, "because I flinched from the overwhelming carnage.".

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