While an intranet may not directly facilitate cooperation with external stakeholders, its ultimate goal is to improve an organization’s ability to serve these stakeholders. Electronic funds transfer (EFT), introduced in the late 1960s, uses the existing banking structure to support a wide variety of payments. PDF is a page description language that captures electronically the layout of the original document. The international payment clearing system, consisting of more than 100 financial institutions, handles more than one trillion dollars per day. A digital signature is used to guarantee a message sender’s identity. Encryption scrambles a message so that it is meaningful only to the person knowing the method of encryption and the key for deciphering it. Traditional encryption, which uses the same key to encode and decode a message, has a very significant problem. And as mobile penetration increases, along with better quality services, this trend is assured to grow. An IP address is a unique 32-bit number consisting of four groups of decimal numbers in the range 0 to 255 (e.g., Cookies have several uses. Often the person using the browser can specify how the information will be presented. All electronic money systems are potentially divisible. Only the bank and card issuer can decode this number. The idea of an extranet derives from the notion that each business has a value chain and the end-point of one firm’s chain links to the beginning of another’s. The appropriate programming language differs from developer to developer. Electronic commerce poses additional security problems. Here are some Oracle Commerce facts: Most companies that use Oracle Commerce are in the retail, computer software, and information technology niche. Consumers buy cards of standard denominations (e.g., USD 50 or USD 100) from a card dispenser or bank. Second, because electronic commerce is based on computers and networks, these same technologies can be used to attack security systems. Although this phenomenon is still in its experimental stage, we can easily see its disruptive potential should it be implemented on an industry-wide scale. Each link of a predetermined bandwidth is dedicated to a predetermined number of users for a period of time. Adding a PIN number to a smart card can raise its security level. Harvard Business School, 9-198-006. The simplest approach is to use the Internet as a means of replacing a VAN by using a commercially available Internet EDI package. However, the Internet will enable these smaller companies to take advantage of EDI. Those origins date to the 1948–49 Berlin blockade and airlift with a system of ordering goods primarily via telex. Indeed, there can be a public database containing each person’s or organization’s public key. Many AI companies are transforming e-commerce by devising unique solutions for e-commerce companies. Specifically, startups specializing in warehousing and logistics solutions are gaining traction as they offer great automation opportunities to e-commerce companies. A means to accomplish this has been to use technology that drives a high degree of personalization, such that each customer is treated as an individual target segment, rather than a part of a generalized mass. In the information age, we need electronic encryption and signing for the orderly conduct of business, government, and personal correspondence. According to Gartner, 50% of consumers in mature markets will use smartphones or wearable-tech for making mobile payments by 2018. To decipher a PDF file, the recipient must use a special reader, supplied at no cost by Adobe for all major operating systems. Visitors who are concerned about the misuse of cookies can reject them totally, with the consequent loss of service. Transactions, when required, should remain confidential. VANs add communication services to those provided by common carriers (e.g., AT&T in the U.S. and Telstra in Australia). When commerce goes electronic, the means of paying for goods and services must also go electronic. Either B2B or B2C, the role of technology is the base and the existential factor when it comes to E-commerce industry. In some situations, however, an organization may want to restrict connection capabilities. A PDF document can include links to a HTML document, and vice versa. If the intention is to inform the reader, then there is generally less concern with how the information is rendered. If a Web site is using a Netscape server, SSL can be enabled and specific Web pages can be identified as requiring SSL access. A firewall is usually located at the point where an intranet connects to the Internet, but it is also feasible to have firewalls within an intranet to further restrict the access of those within the barrier. Web server Software. The reverse process, decryption, converts a seemingly senseless character string into the original message. Without accurate information about people’s interest, it is very difficult to provide good service. Because it is a general transport system for electronic information, the Internet can carry a wide range of confidential information (financial reports, sales figures, marketing strategies, technology reports, and so on). Secure transmission of information is necessary for electronic commerce to thrive. Here you can download the free lecture Notes of E Commerce Pdf Notes – EC Notes materials with multiple file links to download. PDF has been adopted by a number of organizations, including the Internal Revenue Service for tax forms. Buyers and sellers must be able to verify that the electronic money they receive is real; consumers must have faith in electronic currency. According to trade analysts, 90% of all people keep their mobile phone within reach at all times. In fact, technology plays an important role throughout the e-commerce value chain, in areas such as recruitment, marketing, and advertising, among many others. Messages can be sent from one computer to another only when every server on the Internet is uniquely addressable. Exhibit 6. This chapter will provide you with the wherewithal to understand the technology that enables an organization to make this transformation. Both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator allow surfers to set options for various levels of warnings about the use of cookies. Shopify. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is the communication network protocol used on the Internet. In Telekoopertion in Unternehmen , edited by F. Lehner and S. Dustdar. SET should reduce consumers’ fears of purchasing over the Web and increase use of credit cards for electronic shopping. A public-key encryption system has two keys: one private and the other public. PDF documents can be sent as e-mail attachments or accessed from a Web application. Internet messages can pass through many computers on their way from sender to receiver, and there is always the danger that a sniffer program on an intermediate computer briefly intercepts and reads a message. The Internet Network Information Center (InterNIC) manages the assignment of unique IP addresses so that TCP/IP networks anywhere in the world can communicate with each other. The advantage of SET is that a consumer’s credit card number cannot be deciphered by the merchant. A sender’s private key is used to create a signed message . Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) is a financial industry innovation designed to increase consumer and merchant confidence in electronic commerce. What’s more, tech features are giving entrepreneurs the ability to … In contrast to the free form of e-mail messages, EDI supports the exchange of repetitive, routine business transactions. Not only does it help connect sellers and customer on mobile and web platforms, but also enables the effective management of customer orders, deliveries, returns and payments of purchased goods. The TCP part of TCP/IP is responsible for splitting a message from the sending computer into packets, uniquely numbering each packet, transmitting the packets, and putting them together in the correct sequence at the receiving computer. While desktop still beats mobile devices as the primary method consumers use to make eCommerce purchases, that won’t last long. This trend is leading to the launch of new e-commerce apps, as e-tailers are encouraging their customers to shop via mobile-based apps. A cookie is the mechanism for remembering details of a single visit or store facts between visits. The components of an NII include the TV and radio broadcast industries, cable TV, telephone networks, cellular communication systems, computer networks, and the Internet. Want to keep track of emerging technology changes in a different industry? For example, many search functions on … Many of the pieces necessary to facilitate electronic commerce are mature, well-tested technologies, such as public-key encryption. A second layer of defense can be a firewall , a device (e.g., a computer) placed between an organization’s network and the Internet. It can’t be sent with the message because if the message is intercepted, the key can be used to decipher it. It is not as secure as the other alternatives, but most people are likely to carry only small amounts of digital cash and thus security is not so critical. For example, it could move an HTML file from a Web server to a client running Netscape. In order to succeed, SET must displace the current standard for electronic transactions, SSL, which is simpler than SET but less secure. They realized that in order to promote electronic commerce, consumers and merchants would need a secure, reliable payment system. For example, you do not want to have to type your full credit card details each time you spend one-tenth of a cent. The sniffer program, looking for a typical credit card number format of four blocks of four digits (e.g., 1234 5678 9012 3456), copies your message before letting it continue its normal progress. Paper handling costs are substantially reduced. These various technologies created a layered, integrated infrastructure that permits the development and deployment of electronic commerce applications (see Exhibit 9). Most word processors can generate HTML, PDF files are created using special software sold by Adobe that is more expensive than many HTML creator alternatives, Fingerprint, voiceprint, signature, hand size. Internet in business is used for information exchange, media promotion, electronic mail, mailing lists, dialogue, discussions, consulting with consumers online. Electronic commerce requires participants to have a secure means of transmitting the confidential data necessary to perform a transaction. Shopify. For example, the India-based AI company – Artificia, uses visual search and discovery tools to link individual images with a user’s interests to recommend products that they are more likely to purchase. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. Once multimedia capability is added to the information exchange equation, then a new class of applications can be developed (e.g., educating the other partner about a firm’s purchasing procedures). The simplest method is to restrict traffic to packets with designated IP addresses (e.g., only permit those messages that come from the University of Georgia–i.e., the address ends with uga.edu). This lack of privacy can have serious consequences.7 Cash gives anonymity. A system may often use multiple authentication methods to control data access, particularly because hackers are often persistent and ingenious in their efforts to gain unauthorized access. Here you interact with the seller (Amazon), exchange data in form of pictures, text, address for delivery etc. The application on the cardholder’s side is also called the digital wallet . The Internet is a packet switching network. All Rights Reserved. Credit card numbers are not the only sensitive information transmitted on the Internet. The client part of SSL is part of Netscape’s browser. The application is a book catalog; encryption is used to protect a customer’s credit card number; the application is written in HTML; HTTP is the messaging protocol; and the Internet physically transports messages between the book seller and customer.

technology used in e commerce

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