Transfer of courses to the graduate career requires review and approval of both the undergraduate and graduate programs on a case by case basis. Daniel Lopez, MS 2009 MANAGEMENT SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Queuing theory, inventory theory, simulation. Modeled after a hedge fund partnership culture, participation involves significant time commitment, passion for investing, and uncommon teamwork and communication skills. The University oral examination may be scheduled after the dissertation reading committee has given tentative approval to the dissertation. Focus on solving broad canonical optimization and obtaining start-of-the-art running times for both general oracle-based optimization problems as well as structured problems. 4 Units. Students complete core courses in accounting, computer sc… Students take the area qualifying exam at the beginning of their second year of study. 1 Unit. Introduction to accounting concepts and the operating characteristics of accounting systems. Students will develop intuition about the contingent relationship between the nature of the research question and the field research methods used to answer it as a foundation for conducting original field research. Technology and National Security: Past, Present, and Future. Prerequisites: 221 or STATS 217: MATH 113, 115. in MS&E is the greater of: (a) 18 units in the case of the M.S., or (b) the maximum number of hours from courses outside the department that an M.S. Introduction to Stochastic Control with Applications. Key functions of finance in both large and small companies, and the core concepts and key analytic tools that provide their foundation. Three phases: risk assessment, communication, and management. Will start with classic results in allocation, matching and social choice, and discuss them in the context of relevant objectives such as social welfare and equity. Limited enrollment. Focus on quantitative models dealing with sustainability and related to operations management. Limited enrollment. May be repeated for credit. Admission by application. Applicants for admission as graduate students in MS&E are required to submit the results of the verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing sections of the Graduate Record Examination General Test (GRE). 3 Units. Discrete and continuous time parameter Markov chains. How to make optimal decisions in the presence of uncertainty, solution techniques for large-scale systems resulting from decision problems under uncertainty, and applications in finance. 1 Unit. The School of Law and the Department of Management Science and Engineering offer joint degree programs leading to a J.D. MS&E 365. nnWith one-on-one support from seasoned industry mentors and influential guest speakers, the course guides students through the three key elements of new venture creation: identifying opportunities, developing business plans, and determining funding sources. 1-3 Unit. Same as: EDUC 375A, SOC 363A. Emphasis is on creation of distinctions, representation of uncertainty by probability, development of alternatives, specification of preference, and the role of these elements in creating a normative approach to decisions. Problem solving in organizations; creativity and innovation skills; thinking tools; creative organizations, teams, individuals, and communities. Restricted to MS&E majors in their senior year. 3 Units. 3 Units. Serves as an opportunity for students to explore what it means to create and work for principled, entrepreneurial businesses. Students may apply to only one department initially. Fundamental concepts and tools for the analysis of problems under uncertainty, focusing on structuring, model building, and analysis. Course transfers are not possible after the bachelor’s degree has been conferred. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Master students are encouraged to explore courses from across the department, and with multiple MS&E faculty members. The oral examination emphasizes command of basic concepts as represented in the required courses as well as the modeling of practical situations. MS&E 260. program to initiate their MS&E work. Aeronautics and Astronautics: Tenure track faculty position at the Assistant or untenured Associate Professor level. Prerequisite: 245A. In addition to the four core courses, students should take at least four 3-4 unit courses in some coherent area of specialization. Four to six courses in a primary or specialized concentration, not duplicating core courses (12-24 units), One project course or two integrated project courses (0-8 units), Elective courses (1-24 units; see restrictions below). Research on groups and teams in organizations from the perspective of organizational behavior and social psychology. MS&E 178. degree at Stanford. Same as: INTLPOL 256, MS&E 293. Limited enrollment. The class culminates with business presentations to industry experts, VCs and other investors. MS&E 351. Introduction to Optimization. 3 Units. Hands-on exercises. Information markets. Minimum combined GPA for all courses in Engineering Topics (Engineering Fundamentals and Depth courses) is 2.0. For undergraduates only; preference to MS&E majors. Topics include the interplay between technology and modes of warfare; dominant and emerging technologies such as nuclear weapons, cyber, sensors, stealth, and biological; security challenges to the U.S.; and the U.S. response and adaptation to new technologies of military significance. To enroll in the class, please complete the course application by March 20, available at: The undergraduate curriculum in Management Science and Engineering provides students training in the fundamentals of engineering systems analysis to prepare them to plan, design, and implement complex economic and technological management systems where a scientific or engineering background is necessary or desirable. Students must satisfy the requirements for both the J.D. Energy and Environmental Policy Analysis. The Ph.D. degree in MS&E is intended for students primarily interested in a career of research and teaching, or high-level technical work in universities, industry, or government. 3-4 Units. Explores the relation between technology, war, and national security policy from early history to modern day, focusing on current U.S. national security challenges and the role that technology plays in shaping our understanding and response to these challenges. Recommended: 180. 3-4 Units. Restricted to first year MS&E PhD students. The program builds on foundational courses in calculus and linear algebra. This plan should be provided to the students' academic adviser for review no later than May 15 each calendar year. Recommended engineering fundamentals are E25B, E25E, E40A, E40M, and E80. Dynamic routing and scheduling in processing networks. The major is designed to allow a student to explore all three areas of the department in greater depth. This course teaches the essentials for a startup to build a valuable patent portfolio and avoid a patent infringement lawsuit. 3-4 Units. MS&E 454. Reinforcement Learning for Stochastic Control Problems in Finance. To maintain good standing in the degree program, first-year students must: develop relationships with faculty members who can potentially serve as dissertation adviser or reading committee member. 3 Units. Introduction to Health Policy Modeling. Linear-quadratic-Gaussian decision models and Kalman filters. Dynamic Entrepreneurial Strategy. Select special topics and case studies. Same as: PERR. Topics include assessing risk, understanding business models, analyzing key operational metrics, modeling cash flow and capital requirements, evaluating sources of financing, structuring and negotiating investments, managing organizational culture and incentives, managing the interplay between ownership and growth, and handling adversity and failure. Autonomic self-defending networks. Perspectives: problem formulation, analytical theory, computational methods, and recent applications in engineering, finance, and economics. The Careers and Collaborative Services is dedicated to connecting students to career development opportunities. Students take courses in probability, statistics, optimization, finance, economics, and computational mathematics as well as a variety of other courses. Case studies based on real data will be emphasized throughout the course. Applications in machine learning, operations, marketing, finance, and economics. 3 Units. Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center 475 Via Ortega Stanford, CA 94305-4121. Dynamic Programming or Reinforcement Learning background not required. All required; see SoE Basic Requirements 1 and 2. Student presentations on current research. Reputation systems and social networking technologies. 3 Units. Topics vary year to year based on interest. The Ph.D. is organized around the expectation that the students acquire a certain breadth across all areas of the department, and depth in one of them. To apply for this limited enrollment course, students must submit the following application: Congestion management and queueing networks. San Francisco Bay Area. Applications, theories, and algorithms for finite-dimensional linear and nonlinear optimization problems with continuous variables. Organizations and Strategy (select at least one): Entrepreneurship and Innovation (select at least one): Finance and Decisions (select at least one): Three additional courses from energy, policy, or strategy areas below. Same as: CME 308, MATH 228. Introduction to Probability. It is recommended that students participate in research rotations with MS&E and related faculty to facilitate the development of these relationships. 1-3 Unit. Same as: POLISCI 33N. MS&E 202. Primarily for master's students; also open to undergraduates and doctoral students. A student's plan for completing these requirements must be discussed with and approved by their faculty adviser by the beginning of Autumn Quarter of their second year.

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