Maple, (Acer), any of a large genus (about 200 species) of shrubs or trees in the family Sapindaceae, widely distributed in the North Temperate Zone but concentrated in China.Maples constitute one of the most important groups of ornamentals for planting in lawns, along streets, and in parks. 248-640-4510 FENTON , MI. Nothing tastes quite as delicious as Michigan maple syrup so shop today at Michigan Maple Farms and bring home your favorites! These trees can grow to heights of 60 to 75 feet with a 40 to 50-foot spread in less than 20 years. February or March is an ideal time, or choose a window that’s right before spring budding in your area. Maple Tree Types. Donyanedomam / Getty Images The Amur maple is one of the smaller trees in the Acer genus, growing either as a spreading multi-stem shrub or a small tree with a dense, rounded crown. Our Office. Looking at the leaf and bark will usually give you a good indication of at least part of the parent stock, from which you can consult other resources for more precise plant identification. Bob Battel, field crops educator for Michigan State University Extension, said … Evergreen TREES. They offer a great variety of form, size, and foliage; many display striking autumn colour. Baldwin Tree Farm, fully insured and licensed, offers the best shade, flowering, and evergreen trees to the locals of Fenton, Michigan. on Sunday) In addition to the many native species, several other trees have been … But if you live in Michigan, maples are everywhere. If you’re looking to plant a row of evergreens, try our Thuja Giant or Leyland Cypress. This information is provided as a courtesy by the MichiganDepartment of Natural Resources, Urban & Community Forestry Program. Like Norway maple trees, however, they are considered invasive. In Michigan, no autumn country drive would be complete without admiring the spectacular display of red, yellow and orange of this majestic tree. Identification: Black spots that range in size from a pin-prick to size of a half dollar (4 cm).Some reports say that the spots can get as big as two inches. Maple trees are more than a source of maple syrup. ): red maple (Acer rubrum) and sugar maple (Acer saccharum). The maple is a genus with about 128 different species, including the vine maple (Acer circinatum), hornbeam maple (Acer carpinifolium), and paperbark maple (Acer griseum). Silver maples are identified by their five-pointed leaves and white undersides that seem to shine in the wind. The Amur maple is one of the smaller trees in the Acer genus. Other Maple Tree Options PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care, LLC It is primarily composed of American beech and sugar maple trees which co-dominate the forest and which are the pinnacle of plant succession in their range. The red color of its leaves, in autumn, makes it an attractive tree that will certainly stand out on any property. Maple Tree Tar Spot. The thickest, tallest, and oldest trees in Michigan. Maples are deciduous trees characterized by opposite leaf arrangement and spectacular fall color. Black Maple (Acer nigrum) is a pragmatic species that intergrades into Sugar Maple. Of course this inventory contains only tree records as far as they are registered on this site. These trees are extremely … Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! Listed below are a few trees and shrubs with some information about these natives. The natural range of the sugar maple tree, the preferred maple for sap collection, is the northeast portion of the United … A homeowner should be able to choose a time to prune his or her trees and shrubs within these guidelines state above. Primary leaf lobes acuminate; full sized trees. In this heavily forested state, they are the main stars of the fall color spectacle throughout the northern and upper peninsula. Its important to learn how to prune maple trees and to … Contact & Photos; Tree Farm Tree Farm Tree Farm Tree Farm. Not all trees are present in all locations, reflecting species preferences for differing sites and environments. There are many species of maple trees worldwide that survive in Michigan, but three of the most important and common native species are the sugar maple, the silver maple and the red maple. For older trees, you should mainly trim them to remove dead, weak, or crossing branches. Free Shipping on all orders Over $100 1-906-478-1037. Planting trees is the best way to add the “bones” to your landscape. Acer rubra, with giant leaves of red in the Fall and the sugar maple tree and silver maple tree. punctatum. Information Center; FAQs; About Us; Contact; Search keywords or SKU. Maples (Acer spp. More than 100 different species of trees grow in the state. Before settlement, Michigan was a heavily forested area, with broad expanses of deciduous and evergreen forests. In the spring, small pink flowers bloom for a short time attracting pollinators. The sugar maple is known under the scientific name of Acer saccharum. The red maple grows to a height of 40 to 60 feet and will have a variable width. IC 4212 (Rev. Once established, it will have some drought resistance. Our nursery offers a wide variety of japanese maple trees, spruce trees, arborvitaes, boxwoods, fruit trees, flowering trees and shrubs, and much more at incredible prices! Most maple trees are between 30 and 150 feet tall, with flowers that are yellow, … Silver maples are a great fast-growing tree for Michigan landscapes. Avoid silver maples, and box elders because of weak wood. The maple is a genus with about 128 different species, including the vine maple (Acer circinatum), hornbeam maple (Acer carpinifolium), and paperbark maple (Acer griseum). “So, I just wanted to show you, this is a neighborhood with old maple trees," Kerry Gray said as she led the way down a tree-lined street in Ann Arbor. Their branches are attractive homes for Robins and other birds. Deciduous trees (lose leaves each fall) Maples (Acer spp. Color and Shape of the leaves: This, in fact, makes all the difference. Enjoy Your Maple Tree . Fast growth and beautiful silver leaf undersides might seduce you into planting this giant maple in your front yard. The neat and tidy form makes a perfect complement in the home landscape or when used as a street tree. Shop all of our artisan maple products including certified organic maple syrup as well as naturally harvested. They both grow quickly to form a uniform, living green wall. There are 2 main types of Japanese maple trees; Upright Japanese maples and Laceleaf Japanese maples. Willow Trees. When fall comes, maple trees are the stars of the show. New homeowners planning their landscaping should consider carefully which types of trees grow well in their area. It grows 60 to 90 feet tall, and its leaves are arranged oppositely on the twig. It also is sometimes called by the common name Siberian maple. Thousands of maple trees, and more than … Of course this inventory contains only age records as far as they are registered on this site. Nanette Alton is a licensed landscape architect in Michigan, employed by the Michigan Department of Transportation. Other trees with "maple-like" leaves—the sycamore, sweetgum, and yellow-poplar—have leaves that are alternate in arrangement. In Dearborn, the winter of 1983-1984 was warmer than normal in November and February and colder than normal in December, January, and March. These hardy trees are one of the easiest trees to take care of in Michigan, which is why making them a part of your landscape is a must. If you are looking to improve your landscape with new trees, call the tree care experts at PPM Tree Service and Arbor Care. In addition to planting nursery-grown maple trees, there are a couple of ways to go about maple tree growing: Growing maple trees from cuttings Take 4-inch (10 cm.) She's the urban forester for the city. Maple trees are among the most common types of native trees found in Michigan and the most common tree to plant in Michigan yards. Login. It gets its common name from the red hue of its … Oaks (Quercus spp. For those seeking wholesale maple trees for sale to tap for syrup, then the red maple and sugar maple will likely make for the best choice. In some areas it can be invasive, so check first with your local extension office before planting. Despite its colorful-sounding name, red maples aren’t red year-round like the crimson maple. Nearly 18 million acres or essentially 50 percent of the land area of the state are occupied by forest vegetation. It grows to a mature height of 60 to 75 feet tall and 40 to 50 feet wide.

michigan maple trees

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