The coronation ceremony to make Rani the new Queen of the Tree of Life will happen at sunset. Just then, Timon and Pumbaa arrive to help the Lion Guard with their lines. Right over here! ", "Don't worry. You think I'm high-pitched? And, I'm a Royal Mjuzi in training. You're listening to the Lions of the Past, aren't you? ", "Okay, now, let's see. I think I have to stay. ", "I can't wait! Makini thanks her mentor for telling her but Rafiki adds on talking to bad lions is a really bad idea. "After the Waterfall, I'm pretty sure we need to find a tree. You were right Kion. ", "Oh, that means we really are on the right path to the Tree of life.". ", "I learned this move from Rafiki. Shwari. ", "Just wait till you see, Ono. She admires Princess Kiara and Fuli, and has admitted that she is very proud of the latter. Snow monkeys! ", "We need to hurry, Bunga! I know! ", "That's Okay, I've got all of these amazing new paintings to look at. Or maybe kupona sap? SHOW COMMENTS (0) Why Is This One Of Your Favorites? Disney Junior Disney S Disney Love The Lion King 1994 Lion King Art Lion Wallpaper Skunks Cute Lion King Simba. She is a young mandrill who was Rafiki 's apprentice and is training to succeed him as Royal Mjuzi for the Pride Lands' Royal Family. Oh, but I'm here. Legend has it that Askari would go to Cikha Escarpment to practice the Roar... Until he learned everything that the Roar can do. Just close your eyes. This same brown fur collars her neck. Makini then remembers shwari, and asks for everyone to be quiet. Makini was first seen in early January 2017, on a French sticker album due for release in March 2017. "Oh! What would you say? She is a very high energy mandrill, and is kind and eager to meet everyone. I really have ruined everything! The Great Lions of the Past are in the sky and their voices are in the wind, and they are the lions that appear when Kion uses the Roar. "I saw it in the Back Lands. I only heard what you were saying. We can always use some more tuliza. ", "As is tradition, we will gather at the Willows to says goodbye to Queen Janna. "You were talking to your grandfather Mufasa, weren't you? 'Cause I want to learn all the Pride Lands celebrations! Fuli? We just haven't figured out the best way to help him! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Makini is a friendly, spirited, sneaky, perky and curious mandrill, who is very excited about being Rafiki's new apprentice. It introduces Simba’s son Kion, a fun-loving lion who’s more than happy that his sister Kiara is the one destined to rule the Pride Lands. Comments Add a Comment. Disney Junior Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Janja's Clan pounce on her, striking her staff away and stealing Kiara from her. Rafiki leads Makini to The Lair of the Lion Guard, and introduces her to the full Lion Guard. Chamber of Secrets. Maybe I should have learned some other moves". Let's try that way. ", "Ooh. And, my staff makes the moja kwa moja stone paintings come to life, too! ", "Ooh, I've seen a watering hole that looks like that.". Then, while Kion gets his parents ready for her arrival, she asks if the bad lions of the past will also be heard. ", "Don't be sad, Ono. In Season 3 of The Lion Guard, said group along with Makini travel there to heal Kion and Ono's wounds. This is from the day we arrived. Info Relationships. But if we do all three, then something's bound to work! If you just...", "Queen Janna showed me a painting from a long time ago. Ono says don't move around! I never should have used flowers to make the paint. ", "Oh, good! She watches as they leave. makini thelionguard thelionguardfanart thelionguardart makinithelionguard. I don't hear anything. Where could it be? ", "Oh! All the animals I remember were super friendly. I remember Rafiki telling me something that can help heal. I was here with my mom and dad when I was little. ", "You got it! I know. She is eager to meet and befriend everyone that she meets. I'm not sure how...", "Ooh! She is voiced by Landry bender. ", "Animals of the Tree of Life, friends from near and far, it is my honor to present... King Kion!". ", "Oh, I will, Rafiki! Sure sounds smart, don't you think, Fuli? Kion comes in and tells them that the Royal Family is ready to meet her. The two part ways. I first followed some lights, then we fell in a hole...", "Yeah. ", "That mountain right there! Oh, but orange and brown giraffes are pretty, too. "Or maybe you just haven't seen the right painting yet. And, nobody here will help us find Tuliza! But while searching, Makini is unable to keep quiet. ", "Oh, good! ", "There's enough tuliza here to last us for days! She arrives at Rafiki's Tree to receive her first lesson about being quiet, shwari, but she becomes so excited that she can't sit still and even tries to sing to her mentor. 46 Favourites. We'll stop that snow leopard. We're safe now. From losing her Bakora Staffs to running out of paint for the Ukumbusho, Makini is quick to put the blame entirely on herself, or become severely stressed out. And, you filled it with Tuliza. But it looks like an acacia tree. The Lion Guard: Season 4 Fanfiction. ", "Ma Tembo, I am so, so sorry. In Mizimu Grove, Ma Tembo the elephant directs her herd in preparing for the Ukumbusho Tradition, a celebration that honors the peace established between the elephants and lions of the Pride Lands. So Rafiki suggests that Makini finds her own Bakora Staff and she is directed to some sticks outside of her mentor's home. What are they...", "How did you do that? Atop her head is a slightly lighter yet still dark brown fur. ", "Yep! ", "I just wanted to invite you all to my Mpando Mpaya! Later, after Kiara was saved, Ma Tembo is still unable to find a source, with many animals chanting 'water water water' all around. ", "That's what you get for spoiling my big night! I think that's right. Anything is a song from season 3 The Lion Guard episode 5 "Marsh of Mystery” It is sung by Makini and Ono and perfomed by Landry Bender and Atticus Shaffer. She tries her best to help out in any way that she can, even though she may be frightened or even not skilled enough to succeed. Lion Guard: The Astronomical Threat, A sequel to Lion Guard: The Tales of The Legendary Prince, After the defeat of Damu and his army, Vreace Temple, The pride lands and... bunga; makini; anga +22 more #13.

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