Nutritionist-Approved Healthy Choices at Panera. It’s cheesy, creamy, rich, comforting, 100% plant-based, oil-free and super easy to make. Cording suggests starting with a whole grain or sprouted grain bread. Bring home our soups, mac & cheese, salad dressings, coffee and more. Learn how to ace hot chocolate charcuterie boards! Many soups look great in terms of calories and fat, but those watching sodium intake may want to exercise caution. All Right Reserved. It’s cozy in the winter, or perfect for a rainy day. You may want to avoid the soups altogether if you're closely watching your sodium intake. 3. It’s cheesy, creamy, rich, comforting, 100% plant-based, oil-free and super easy to make. It is just as creamy and cheesy as Panera Bread's, but much healthier! Kelly and I both love Panera, and so do ALL of our kids! This creamy velvety soup is much better than Panera’s broccoli cheddar soup and can be made in under 30 … Breakfast kick-starts your day, giving you energy to power through until lunch (or snack) time. Here is the nutrition breakdown for the you-pick-two meal. Guess which one tops the list nutritionally? Their antibiotic-free roasted turkey is high in protein and a good source of many B vitamins. 570 calories for some lettuce, dry nuts, and a … It’s easy and healthy and, in my opinion, better than Panera’s. Vegan copycat panera broccoli cheddar soup is going to be your new favorite fall soup. With fresh items, nutrient-rich foods, free WiFi, a fireplace, member rewards, and more, there’s a lot to feel good about. Apparently the way to America's heart is through its stomach, with a bread bowl filled with hot soup — plus reasonably fast and free wifi. Credit: In general, opt for those topped with high-quality protein, like beans or grilled chicken (skip breaded or fried chicken). If your meal leaves you hankering for something sweet, opt for their Seasonal Fruit Cup (at just 60 calories) or the Petite Chocolate Chipper. You can check the daily soup offerings, play games and watch some brief soup videos about what makes Panera’s soups so rich and fresh tasting on their soup site. Who ever said that chicken wings, doughnuts, and pizza couldn't be healthy? Unfortunately at Panera the soups can also be very high in sodium. We searched the menu for the best options, and these soup picks at Panera Bread are healthiest. Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili with Avocado. So double-check any important points with staff at your local Panera. Pair that with a salad like the Greek Salad, packed with high-fiber vegetables and a little feta cheese, which adds calcium. Many drinks can clock in unneeded (and many times unnoticed) calories. Thus with this item in the Panera Bread menu, you can be assured of building a healthy gut, keeping free-radical damage way, and feeling full for a longer time. Roasted Turkey Cranberry Flatbread: 310 calories, 12g total fat, 6g saturated fat, 11g protein, 34g carbohydrates, 480mg sodium, 3g fiber, 7g sugar. Because I had posted: Which is the Healthiest Bread at Subway, I thought it would be a good idea to check out Panera. Ancient Grain & Arugula Salad with Chicken: 410 calories, 14g total fat, 3g saturated fat, 25g protein, 41g carbohydrates, 290mg sodium, 6g fiber, 19g sugar. Portion control will keep nutrition in check, so start with a cup of soup and pair it with a healthy half-salad or fruit to make it a meal. Cooking Light is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. Ten Vegetable Soup. When you walk into a Panera all you see is bread (and cookies and muffins) before you get to order. That's more than many of the actual meals at Panera! Greek Salad: 200 calories, 18g total fat, 4g saturated fat, 4g protein, 7g carbohydrates, 510mg sodium, 2g fiber, 4g sugar. But some are still surprisingly high in calories and fat. Soup can be a great way to fill up on vegetables at a meal. How to Make Panera Butternut Squash Soup Saute onions in the Instant Pot along with olive oil. Sustainability and Stewardship Good food and a healthy environment go hand in hand. To help you out even more, here are some registered dietitian–approved choices at Panera Bread to keep you on track nutritionally and satisfy your taste buds. Well consider this metric… The regular sized chili from Panera has more sodium than the large from Wendy’s (1,210 vs. 1,170 mg). You-Pick-Two Lunch Total: 400 calories, 27g total fat, 9g saturated fat, 8g protein, 32g carbohydrates, 1,150mg sodium, 5g fiber, 15g sugar. This soup is filled … Soup is a favorite all around, which is why we’ve decided to make copycat versions for the crockpot. Eating healthy doesn't have to mean sacrificing going out. Power Almond Quinoa Oatmeal: 300 calories, 6g total fat, 1g saturated fat, 8g protein, 52g carbohydrates, 220mg sodium, 9g fiber, 7g sugar. Lentil quinoa broth bowl with chicken; Another healthy option for the meat and chicken lovers out there is this ingenious bowl of healthy goodness loaded with nutritive gifts for your body. ), packed with protein and veggies, and utterly delicious. Related: Mini Desserts Almost Too Cute to Eat. Getting the dressing on the side, or ordering olive oil and vinegar as your dressing instead, can help cut down the total sugar in this meal.

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