Wrapped in a blanket following the rescue, the cat was adopted by a neighbor living opposite the collapsed building. A mild-mannered family cat named Tara saved Jeremy Triantafilo, 4, from a vicious dog attack. Tara "The Hero Cat", or Zatara, is a female tabby cat living in California, United States, who rescued her human family's child from being attacked by a neighbor's dog, Scrappy.The moment was recorded on household surveillance. The cat was saved 30 hours after the Friday quake from two collapsed floors of the building. 604 Boston Post Road Pudding, a 8-year old 21-lb orange cat had just gotten a big break. H/T: hurriyetdailynews.com However, she was terrified though. When a neighbor's dog attacked 4 year old Jeremy, the family cat, Tara, took action. Other dogs just like Ben have saved families from house fires, earthquakes, and other natural and man-made disasters. Many of you may be familiar with Ginny, the Schnauzer/Siberian husky mix whose life-saving skills were legendary. A K-9 search and rescue dog has saved a cat from the debris of a collapsed building after a 6.6 magnitude earthquake that jolted the western province of İzmir. Britain on Dec. 2 became the first country to approve Pfizer-BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine for general use and said it would be introduced next week. Umut’s mom reached over to pet Bob as a thank you, but she seemed hesitant around the brave police dog. Separately, a British breed cat was rescued from the wreckage of the Meltem Apartment in Bayraklı district, where searches are still ongoing. We provide life-saving medical treatment, food, enrichment and love to hundreds of animals every year. The tabby cat urges the dog on with an heir of authority exclusive to felines. Share … 31664 N. Fairfield Road Grayslake, IL 60030. It is a video of a cat that is struggling to stay alive in the water. If it weren’t for a rescue dog named Bob, a sweet cat might not have survived. The Huffington Post reported that a blind, deaf, three-legged Dachshund named True saved his family from a house fire in Oklahoma in much the same way Ben saved … It was a traumatic experience that no animal should have to live through. Turkish Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu welcomed the nation's first-ever gold medal-winning women's national rhythmic gymnastics team at his office on Dec. 1 in the capital Ankara. The cat, who was stuck under the two collapsed floors of a building, was saved after 30 hours from the time of the quake. Included is an introduction by Cleveland Amory, noted animal enthusiast and author of The Cat Who Came for Christmas. Cat Attacks Dog and Saves Child -- Was She Being Protective? Photo: China Plus News/Facebook. Hide Saved searches. If it weren’t for a rescue dog named Bob, a sweet cat might not have survived. Rescue dog saves cat from debris after quake. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused global consumers to heavily lean into e-commerce, as markets around the globe continue to see material rises in online fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sales, according to experts. She jumped on the dog, defending Jeremy from further injuries. Hero Cat Saves California Boy From Dog Attack. SAVE has been rescuing and sheltering abandoned, abused, and homeless dogs and cats in the greater Princeton area since 1941. Bob the German Shepherd is a part of the search and rescue team, and he excels at his job. Hot air balloons to float over Göbeklitepe soon. "Jack is a hero. … Those are the stories trending on Nov. 23. The wounds of the cat, who trembled with fear and had all his nails torn as he struggled to get out of the debris, were cleaned with a bottle of serum. The search and rescue team looked for survivors near a two-story building that had collapsed. As rescuers picked her up, she trembled from head to toe uncontrollably. What a good boy! Thankfully, the cat was alive and only suffered minor injuries. Construction workers get classical music treat. K-9 Dog Saves Cat Trapped For 30 Hours Under Quake-Damaged Building Lakeisha Ethans October 29, 2020 Thirty hours after the 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocked the Turkish city of Izmir, a cat trapped under a collapsed structure, was detected, and rescued by a K-9 dog named, Bob, of the Search and Rescue Association in Turkey (AKUT). When she was adopted from a shelter, she paid the good deed forward by seeking out and saving sick and injured feral cats. Right away, the cat was given immediate medical care, which revealed that she only had minor injuries. But after she was brought to safety, it was reported that rescuers also found another cat and a bunny in the same area.

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