This subreddit is a great starting point for a lot of information, but you should always verify and expand upon what you've read before putting it to use in your daily life. I can only hope this owner is charged with animal cruelty or something. German man holds Guinness World Record for the most FLESH tunnels Anyone who is found guilty of baiting the crocodiles will be charged under the Wildlife Protection Act. A dog playing in a river in remote Queensland has been eaten by a huge crocodile in a shocking incident captured on camera. The Agency condemns the actions shown in the videos and has launched an investigation into this practice. ITS AN ALLIGATOR, DUDE. Warning, the video in the article shows the incident and may be upsetting. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. This dog probably thought it was defending this asshole who gets off watching them get killed. Reddit; WhatsApp; Man attacked and killed by crocodile while swimming in lake in Mexico ... FULL VIDEO: Dog eaten by crocodile in Jamaica, other video was edited. This is irresponsible dog ownership of the highest order. It was so upsetting, like the dog was gone in a blink. Video: Shocking moment a pet dog is grabbed and eaten by a CROCODILE . A distraught dog owner filmed the heartbreaking moment his beloved pet was eaten whole by a crocodile while it paddled.. “There’s the full video people now u be the judge of this I felt bad for that dog was really trying to save him I would and could never feed a dog to a crocodile viewers discretion is advised.”. When we''re saying is positive means to add to. Villagers in Indonesia kill crocodile who ate one of their own, cut it open and remove human remains Worker dies after getting head crushed by machinery inside wood factory in Indonesia Woman falls to her death getting off ship in Indonesia That said, why the hell would an owner encourage their dog to do this? It''t mean good. dog eaten by crocodile 📋Why is my puppy scared to go outside? At the core of it, I think what we need to realize is that the term positive reinforcement is actually a scientific term. It’s definitely a phobia, rationally I know the odds of them getting me or my pets is very slim and I don’t wish any ill will on them... as long as they stay the hell away from me. /r/dogs is a discussion-based subreddit, meant for asking questions, sharing information, and learning about our beloved canine companions and related dog-centric topics. :/, 'It was something that had a high probability of happening sometime,' owner says. Horrifying video footage has been shared online of a dog walking up to a crocodile before it viciously attacks it. A dog in Australia was eaten by a crocodile that it spent a decade barking at. I hate that this was preventable and this guy shouldn't have a dog . Twitter; TEXT; Reddit; WhatsApp; We posted earlier a video of a dog getting drowned and eaten by an alligator in front of its owner. Or at least, restrain the dog. Kid gets eaten alive by a crocodile in Indonesia. I am disgusted! The dog, named Ben, had been playing with two other dogs in Watson River, Queensland, Australia. dog eaten by crocodile (👍 ) | dog eaten by crocodile how to dog eaten by crocodile for Now I honestly don’t know for sure what people mean when they use the term ‘purely positive’, but my best guess is that they mean only ever using positive reinforcement from the list of the four quadrants above. Warning, the video in the article shows the incident and may be upsetting. Seems like a much better individual all of a sudden. It doesn’t help that I am terrified of them. A pet dog was eaten whole by a crocodile while paddling in a river as his horrified owner could do nothing but scream. I saw this yesterday and feel the need to comment. A dog has been eaten alive by a crocodile in Innisfail in far north of Queensland Rusty, a one-year-old kelpie puppy, was snatched from his home last weekend Distressing image showed the dog… I can't image why anyone would think this was okay. The dog was obviously encouraged to do that and was most likely praised by the owner afterwards. dog eaten by crocodile (🔥 ) | dog eaten by crocodile It's a serious matter especially due to the potential for dog bites. Videos and gifs of impending doom. Luckily for us, the breeder had done a wonderful job socializing her, so she came already pre-programmed to be amazing with children and other dogs. FULL VIDEO: Dog eaten by crocodile in Jamaica, other video was edited. I’m moving to an area with alligators and crocodiles literally tomorrow with my dog (and cats) and this is one of my greatest fears. Kid gets eaten alive by a crocodile in Indonesia. Why move their than, and if you have no choice, pen your animals in an enclosed yard and built a cattery for your cats. Aparently the dog is famous for a video of it biting at the crocodile in the past, and it's owner encouraged this behavior., The interview made the guy seem so apathetic, and he was saying he couldn't stop a leash couldn't have been involved ever? The video shows the dog swimming in the ocean as a large crocodile approaches from behind. I unintentionally saw a GIF of a dog being grabbed by a gator or crocodile a month or so ago. The video shows the horrific moment a saltwater crocodile leaped out of the water and swallowed a dog whole. The pup is seen stopping and turning around—appearing to realize the danger before racing back to … Not gonna lie, I didn’t click the link or watch the video because I don’t need more fodder for my fears. A crocodile in Australia has eaten a small dog that had taunted it for a decade and was famous for chasing the eleven-foot reptile into the water.. To the horror of guests at a … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I have never been so upset and angry. Reddit; WhatsApp Man in critical condition after getting attacked by two suspects with machetes in Malaysia ... FULL VIDEO: Dog eaten by crocodile in Jamaica, other video was edited. 16.7m members in the photoshopbattles community. OMG THE DOG GOT EATEN!! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Photoshop contests on reddit. WATCH as a 74-year-old man saves his dog from being eaten by a crocodile, risking his own life in the process But for everyone involved you play stupid games you win stupid prizes. It was doing what an alligator does, and it's entirely the OWNER'S fault for putting these animals in that situation. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. It's a little dog, wouldn't be hard. People don't deserve dogs. Horrifying video of shaman dragged under water by crocodile A place to battle using image manipulation software, play photoshop … Advice on this forum is absolutely not a substitute for professional advice from a certified behaviorist, trainer, lawyer, or medical professional. I understand this little dog had been doing this for years, clearly thinking it was a game, after being encouraged by this moron. Such callous disregard for the life of that poor dog. Why in the fuck would anyone let there dog get that close to an alligator? dog eaten by crocodile 😿Dog & Puppy Training Classes . This video made me so angry, you can hear people whooping and hollering as this poor dog gets eaten by a crocodile. You’ll also need some of your dog’s favorite treats for rewards. 70-year old woman attacked by a crocodile in India. Weird bat looking creature spotted in Malaysia. I can't watch anything being killed anymore animal on animal etc, so I wont watch it, and I assume it is in Australia, so as an Australian I apologise for all the idiot Australians that treat animals this way as well as putting their pets in harms way. That video can be found here. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" We posted earlier a video of a dog getting drowned and eaten by an alligator in front of its owner. Chris Baynes. A saltwater crocodile has eaten a dog that made a mockery of it for years, to the horror of onlookers. The dog, which appeared to be an Australian Shepherd, was playing in the water when the crocodile struck, snatching it whole. Turns out the audio in the video was edited. A dog went up to a crocodile while it was swimming in a Mexican river but was taken away and eaten by the reptile as its stunned owners watched on in horror. In the footage, three dogs can be seen playing in … WTF Is That? Why?! I hope that part makes sense, is that a lot of people hear positive, and they go, "" Not necessarily. Not something he trained her to do... even if this is true you're supposed to train dogs out of their bad habits. "Small animal, go annoy large predatory animal that is nearly impossible to escape once it's started its predatory behavior". A Crocodile Eats a dog in front of horrified owner and guests Posted in r/nonononoyes by u/Gh0st233 • 50 points and 13 comments It thought well shit I can do that again and make my owners happy. This is the real video and audio and full footage of the incident. SAVAGE: Leopard snatches meat from crocodile’s mouth. Only problem is the video below is circulating online as well: Alligator drowns and kills dog in front of its owner “I love you”, ANIMAL CRUELTY: Dog tied to back of truck and dragged along road in China, Man beats puppy to death sleeping under car in India, Teens set dog on fire to get “likes” on social media in Romania, Man driving tractor deliberately runs dog over in Bosnia, Man under investigation after attack on dog caught on video, Dog tied to rope with mouth taped in back of pickup truck on freeway in Long Beach, CA, ARGENTINA: Man abusing dog kicks woman recording him when confronted, Faulkner County Sheriff’s investigator fatally shoots kid’s dog after going to wrong house, Dogs bludgeoned, skinned alive for leather in China – Rewind, Man beats dog sleeping on front porch in Brazil, Dogs mutilated, blowtorched alive at meat market in China, Dog sleeping outside its home snatched by thieves in China, Amazon delivery driver gets attacked by a dog, Kid hangs dog from fence as mother sits and watches in Colombia, Doorman pours boiling water on stray dog sleeping outside of building. Aparently the dog is famous for a video of it biting at the crocodile in the past, and it's owner encouraged this behavior. WHO WOULDA THOUGHT?? Wednesday 06 June 2018 15:18. Turns out the audio in the video was edited. A saltwater crocodile jumps out of the water and captures the dog (pictured) The two other dogs jump and bark while the owner yells in fear for the dog to get out of the water. Dog famous for chasing and biting crocodile eaten by crocodile 'It was something that had a high probability of happening sometime,' owner says. hotel owner named Harlan featured a crocodile named Flat Dog at his hotel. The owner was walking his three dogs along the Watson River in the remote Indigenous community of Aurukun, north-west of Cairns, when the tragedy struck. The man, who now deleted all his TikTok videos at the time of this update, uploaded the above video and following description in response to NEPA’s tweets.

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