My father sat puffing contentedly on his pipe. 6. IRS to auction contents of Bessemer 's Ed Spencer Furniture. As of Jan 1, 2010, new lead content requirements in California (AB 1953) will mandate a maximum weighted average lead content of 0.25% for plumbing products. The Cash Money Records CEO reveals how his passion for reading birthed his latest venture, Cash Money Content. For a notion of autonomy that is more contentful, and is less variable, is also a notion that is in competition with other things we hold dear. 2. He began to snore contentedly. At Contentful, we use the GitHub flavor of Markdown. They allow editors to make changes and see them immediately. The philosophy behind the markup language is that plain text documents should be readable without tags, excessive syntax or formatting messing it up. You can even link web pages. xontentful, dontentful, fontentful, vontentful, cintentful, ckntentful, clntentful, cpntentful, cobtentful, cohtentful, cojtentful, comtentful, conrentful, confentful, congentful, conyentful, contwntful, contsntful, contdntful, contrntful, contebtful, contehtful, contejtful, contemtful, contenrful, contenfful, contengful, contenyful, contentdul, contentrul, contentgul, contentvul, contentcul, contentfyl, contentfhl, contentfjl, contentfil, contentfuk, contentfuo, contentfup. 1988, Richard K. Larson, On the Double Object Construction In answer to this question I want to propose that to is in fact always contentful—that it is never mere Case marking, strictly speaking—but that in certain contexts (namely, in V's headed by Dative-Shifting verbs) its grammatical contribution effectively "reduces" to Case marking and therefore can be suppressed under Passive. Rich text is a formatting type that gives authors a wide range of formatting options. (appears, be: is/am/are, feels, seems, looks) Used with adverbs: " She felt extremely content after the job offer. Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Medium –– there is a good chance you have used one of these text editors today. More than a headless CMS, Contentful is the API-first content management platform to create, manage and publish content on any digital channel. Bleacher Report is a sort of Demand Media of sports, a content farm engineered to get search engine visits with lowest common denominator clickbait. The second is that Markdown results in better quality control over the resulting HTML. The application you're about to make is a blog with a few sample posts. 3. It was created by John Gruber of Daring Fireball in 2004 to make text as readable as possible. It was Templeton Thorpe's contention that Braden was a family investment, and that a good investment will take care of itself if properly handled. To support further research on knowledge-grounded conversation, we introduce a new large-scale conversation dataset grounded in external web pages (2.8M turns, 7.4M sentences of grounding). Stojanovic, Staab, & Studer, 2001). Looking for sentences and phrases with the word contentful? Code-Expanded Random Access for Machine-Type Communications. directions. 4. When you’re setting up your content types in Contentful, you can customize the formatting options. You can open Markdown-formatted text with any application, which makes it good for omnichannel distribution. Markdown is a lightweight markup language that you can use to add formatting elements to plain text. The potassium content of foodstuffs is very variable. Definition of Contentful in the Fine Dictionary. through open APIs. In this article, we will be looking at the two types of text editors that you can use with Contentful: Rich Text Format (RTF) and Markdown. contentious. The FCP is a user centerd way to measure the speed of a webpage. This description might sound a little poetic, but there is something about the language that inspires loyalty amongst its fans. Text is the field type that uses Markdown. You can even [link web pages](hhtp:// Can restore badly recorded or compressed content. He attained a good old age and died content. Market Share . I will not attempt to decide, but for convenience will content myself with calling it urine. Within text, you can select long or short, which determines the character limit on the field. It determines what meaningful utterances (contentful mental states) are, not how anything should be or what anyone should do. If you want the power to design how each element looks on your final product, rich text is your best option; it’s much more dynamic and customizable. The general character of the nature-mystic's main contention will now be sufficiently obvious. This is "The Node.js Example App". contented example sentences. From functionality to documentation, we have put a lot of effort into making Contentful as developer friendly as possible. A division of share rights agreements becomes contentious where the target company's country has a … Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with verbs: " The boy appears content at his new home. They had such a strong reaction that they decided to bring Markdown back as an option. Regular users have always preferred using rich-text editors, but for those who get familiar with Markdown, trying to stop using it is a little like trying to unlearn a language. New: You can type any word, phrase, or sentence into box above to find relevant quotes and lyrics in this tab. No man is content. Meaning of Contentful with illustrations and photos. 5. It gives editors the power to design how their writing and elements look on the page. Example sentences containing Contentful The first-contentful paint (FCP) indicates how much time has elapsed in milliseconds until the first content-rich (DOM) element is shown on the web page. Definition of contentful in the dictionary. One of the more confusing aspects of Markdown is there are different flavors. When you’re setting up your content model or adding content types, you can choose to stick to one field type, or have a mixture of the two. Hume begins both the Treatise and the Enquiry with an account of impressions and ideas because he thinks that all contentful philosophical questions can be asked and answered in those terms. Sign up for your free Contentful account in minutes. Get a customized list of websites using Contentful. LeapFrog Partners With Mattel, Walt Disney Records to Provide New Content. When you’re setting up your content model or adding content types, you can choose to stick to one field type, or have a mixture of the two. And it means that if the application you’re using stops working at some point, you can still view your text. Most people are familiar with this way of working because word processors such as Microsoft Word and Pages create rich text documents. Within text, you can select long or short, which determines the character limit on the field. To use the Contentful web app, we recommend using the latest version of the following browsers: Chrome. Contentious sentence examples. "Sixteen Months in Four German Prisons" by. Probabilistic cellular automata and random fields with i.i.d. From a developer perspective the structure of the data from a Text field is different from the structure of data from a Rich Text field. Every application of the formatting syntax uses a slightly different version. Translate Contentful. He was content to be guided by the superior intelligence of his wife. There are a couple of reasons for this strong reaction. Sentence Examples. Contentful takes on a new approach to content management. Join our webinars, meetups, conferences and partner events! Market Share By Site Popularity. "The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English" by. Markdown is called lightweight because it doesn’t have any excessive features that might get in the way of the mechanics of writing; Its beauty is in its simplicity. 192. : It is a patient bird, quite content to sit for hours at a time until a young rabbit, a rat or a mouse chances to pass beneath it. The simplicity of the language means that it turns into really clean, really good HTML. #132. Safari. Compare. WYSIWYG editors are sometimes called rich text editors because that is the type of formatting they use. “Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen.”, “One often learns more from ten days of agony than from ten years of contentment.”, “Nature is inside art as its content, not outside as its model.”, “No man understands a deep book until he has seen and lived at least part of its contents.”, “If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts, but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties.”, “Only man is not content to leave things as they are but must always be changing them, and when he has done so, is seldom satisfied with the result.”. The longer Text field would be appropriate for a longer introduction or the bulk of the writing. Firefox. Does anyone know the point of contention that started the fight between Jim and Bob? He lay back in bed contentedly and listened to the conversation. They certainly recognised the significance of my contention. Related words - Contentful synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms and hyponyms. For more on rich text, you can check out these resources: Demo: Empower editorial teams, localize content and extend your tech stack, Get more value from your digital investments. 99 examples: One reactor design concept utilizes multiple heavy ion beams, charge… 5. How to use contentful in a sentence. I'm trying to handle the retina images in a Gatsby project. We focus on the contention phase, which consists of L sub-frames (contention slots), and these sub-frames constitute a single virtual frame. My content provider is Contentful. Poor and content is rich and rich enough. It creates highly readable content without having to get into the HTML or source code. Contentful unifies content in a single hub, structures it for use in any digital channel, and integrates seamlessly with hundreds of other tools. 2. How to use content in a sentence. A++ Random Access for Two-way Relaying in Wireless Networks. Content is happiness. If you choose the long option, this will look like a larger text editor box for your editors. Examples of neutralize in a sentence, how to use it. You can use the content Search feature in the security and compliance center to search for sensitive data, such as credit card numbers or social security numbers, that is stored in documents on SharePoint and OneDrive for Business sites. Rich text gives the editor the ability to do all this while maintaining a rich format on the API response. Most editors love using rich text formatting because it’s intuitive and familiar. Create content once and publish it beautifully anywhere! Get our highly rated iPhone/iPad or Android RhymeZone apps! You can choose to work with either, so the question is: How do I choose which text editor to use? How to use contented in a sentence. Fruits — In addition to adding flavor and nutrients to a smoothie, blending in fruit boosts the drink's fiber content and enhances its texture and consistency. 2 people chose this as the best definition of content: Something contained, as i... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. And we have undoubtedly engaged in aggressive online practices in hopes of pushing our content and getting pageviews. Our endlessly extensible framework integrates with hundreds of leading-edge tools. When we settled in at Beretta and perused the menu, I recognized its contents immediately. The new content of a cell is randomly chosen, independently of the others, according to a distribution depending only on the content of the cell itself and of its right neighbor. contentful (English) Origin & history content + -ful Adjective contentful (comparative more contentful, superlative most contentful) Having content. When Slack decided to do away with it in favor of a WYSIWYG editor, posts like this, and this went viral. 3. 33. 7. 4. Text editors allow us to record and render our important thoughts and information, enabling us to share our stories and communicate with each other. "Venus. 8. I'm uploading the 2x images. A beginner’s guide to Contentful text types: Markdown and Rich Text Format, Using Markdown or rich text in Contentful, A creator's guide to image file formats — and why they're important, Contentful wins the 2020 Proddy Award for Best Website Builder Product, How to exceed the expectations of both readers and publishers, WYSIWYG who? See authoritative translations of Contentful in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations. The lower the FCP, the faster the perceived load speed.< I'm currently using the Gatsby-images plugin. In colloquial German, option (1b) tends to be preferred over (1a). Markdown is one of the most popular markup languages and has a loyal fanbase. While building your own apps with Contentful, you can reference this app's code, found on Github.. You can also edit the content in the app by cloning the Contentful space to your own Contentful account by following the instructions here.. Examples of Contentious in a sentence The author wrote a contentious novel which caused a great deal of unrest. 46+1 sentence examples: 1. And even if you haven’t been productive, you’ve probably still used one in the form of Facebook Messenger, Reddit, or Apple Notes. While Markdown is formatting syntax, it is also considered a software tool that converts plain text to structurally valid HTML or XHTML. : The change in heat content of the products relative to the reactants in a chemical reaction is known as the change in enthalpy. 140. The API response is in JSON format thereby eliminating the empty

tags (associated with an HTML response) or shortcodes. Return to this issue's Table of Contents. Since it is so widely adopted, most people know how to use rich text formatting without requiring any training. You need the free Apple Quicktime Player to view this content. In the context of a blog post entry, the short Text field would be good for a meta description, URLs, emails, or titles. How is this contentious issue being handled by the usually reserved committee? 505. Example sentences with the word contented. Another reason users love it is that Markdown is platform-independent and future-proof. The Normativity of Meaning and Content. Content in a sentence 1. TextField is a composition of the FormLabel, TextInput, HelpText and ValidationMessage components. A monthly newsletter to help you build better digital experiences with Contentful. Companies such as Spotify, Urban Outfitters, Jack in the Box, The British Museum, Xoom, Lenovo, and many others rely on Contentful’s content platform. A Reply To Longfellow's "Mars"" by. Best practices; Required properties; Writing guidelines; Best practices . There are two field types in Contentful that are used for text. Contentful asked questions when they were not sure exactly what I wanted instead of blindly having content created, which I liked as it means I get exactly what I want. It has been a contentious issue for decades. Finishing her meal, she sat bac Contentful helps the world's leading brands manage content across their digital products and channels. This, together with the high import content of the tourism sector, leads to a worsening of the balance of trade. The Contentful blog helps builders and digital leaders create better digital experiences. Using Markdown or rich text in Contentful There are two field types in Contentful that are used for text. Hence one data transmission in TREAN protocol partake one fourth contention overhead and one fourth backoff overhead, which is less than one contention overhead and one backoff overhead per data transmission in CSMA/CA protocol. Our content platform stores all content in a single hub, breaking down silos and future-proofing both existing and future digital investments. The cat was purring contentedly on my lap. The orifice leading from the stomach to the bowels being on this side, this position favors the passage of the contents into the duodenum. Once you have selected Rich Text, you can customize it by making a Content Management API (CMA) call and change up the formatting options. The answer might not be as straightforward as you may think. Contentful is the flexible and future-friendly enterprise CMS that lets you easily publish content across platforms. There was contentious debate over the use of genetically modified crops. These variants of Markdown are referred to as flavors. contentful. The proposed scheme increases the amount of available contention resources, without resorting to the increase of system resources, such as contention sub-frames and preambles. Google Docs uses it, too. She is content with very little. We argue for a separation regarding the content that is returned when applied in our proposed system, between web and multimedia content. Words and phrases that rhyme with contentful: (7 results) 2 syllables: scentful, tentful 3 syllables: eventful, inventful, resentful 4 syllables: discontentful, uneventful Words and phrases that almost rhyme †: (1 result) 3 syllables: wonderful More ideas: — Try the advanced search interface for more ideas. Link to assets and entries dynamically by embedding them within the flow of the text, Create a semantic structure within a piece of writing with headings and tags, Embed images, create columns, and insert bullet points, Link to Contentful entries and assets (in Contentful). Here is an example of what a sentence looks like in markdown: You can make some words **bold** and other words *italic* with markdown. a dispute between groups or individuals Examples of Contention in a sentence The contention between the divorcing couple has caused the divorce proceedings to take several months. It allows users to input text or numbers and should be used in a form context. Information and translations of contentful in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. The pigs were grunting contentedly as they ate their food. Meaning of contentful. (extremely, very, truly, perfectly, quite) " I am fairly content at … You can make some words bold and other words italic with markdown. These are also examples of What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors. Contentful enables teams to unify content in a single hub, structure it for use in any digital channel, and integrate seamlessly with hundreds of other tools through open APIs and a leading app framework. Markdown has always been a power-user tool. Rich Text is the field type that uses rich text. question, and appears to extend the scope of the contentful wh-expression in the subordinate clause, rendering the two sentences virtually synonymous (Van Riemsdijk 1983). Pronunciation of Contentful and it's etymology. Table of contents. Out of 540. But I had schooled myself into contentment, for I believed you married. So I always try to give you the best content to help you reach your goals faster and safer. While you might not have heard of it, you’ve probably encountered it on Facebook Messenger or even Skype. You develop great websites — we deliver the content. Structured content is an editor’s best friend. Any suggestions? 0.027%. JoliRainy day, dream away CJ Hobgood contently waiting for better days. The two major problems reported: text lists only work on “short” texts with a limit of 256 characters, not per entry, but for the whole list, which seems like a ridiculously low value. Here are some examples. The content editors on our team are upset about the UI for text lists. What does contentful mean? To get the correct image I'm Text is the field type that uses Markdown. Content is better than riches. This app is also available in the following platforms and languages: 303.

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