Someone came up with a simple paper clip explanation. Mooney wasn’t alone here as most manufacturers looked at performance through rose-colored glasses at that time. Most of the fuselage skins are identical other than in the thickness of the metal used. Commander 114 & 115 SELECTIONS vary. AIR FACTS leased first a 180 and then a 250 Comanche and we flew them until the Twin Comanche came out in 1964. Fifteen years later, according to the current FAA database, that fellow still owns it. Always enjoy reading the history of aviation and aircraft. The San Diego-based club has been in existence more than 50 years, and it chose these airplanes because they' re widely considered the best single-engine piston, non-turbo, IFR six-seaters ever built. Great article on the retractable singles. I liked to race airplanes to get a true measure of speed so told the Mooney demo pilot that I wanted to race his airplane against our 250 Comanche. early in the break of day, as i like to gain knowledge of more and more. “You still are America’s GA treasure.”. Earlier I mentioned personalities. The Aero Commander 112/114 program was on a far smaller scale but I’d still bet it was an expensive lesson. One curiosity about the 210 v. Bonanza competition relates to turbocharging. One advantage was the prop being farther off the ground so they could have a larger prop to take proper advantage of the horsepower. The SF-50 doesn’t have more than 200 horsepower, either… or does it? Bellanca is one of the oldest names in general aviation, dating back to 1927. Some airplanes were converted under an STC. It lasted from 1958 to 1972 and a total of 4,857 were built. The difference was that the 35 flew in miles per hour and the B36TC in knots. The same airplane, the fourth Model 35 built, was used for both flights. After his death, the business was successfully carried on by his three sons. Back in April of this year I bought into a partnership on a Comanche 260B. • Took my mother solo on a trip out to Denver. Simple math. It did have a cavernous club-seating cabin. I became curious about the Flying magazine article you mentioned, where 3 versions of the 210 are compared, so I´d like to ask you if you know where I can find that article for consultation. I flew the ILS to a long runway (9) at Memphis, left the flaps up, landed hot, and taxied a well-iced Comanche to the Memphis Aero ramp. If the engine-driven fuel pump failed, the pilot had only to use one of his left hands to pump while using the other left hand to fly. Later when I learned to fly I was pretty good on instruments because when I practiced as a short kid you could not see out the front except for a sliver and had to rely on instruments. Thanks and appreciate your posts. Extensive testing was done on the V-tail and a mod was developed that strengthened the usual point of first failure. Your email address will not be published. Latest. I thought of many airplanes as “fads” because they burst on the scene and fizzled. Although it never saw production, the Mooney 301 did eventually lead to the Socata TBM series of big single-engine retractables, which like the Bonanza, the PA-46, and the big Pilatus birds, still are in production. Really pretty aircraft. The Bonanza had a comfortable four-place cabin with plenty of room for baggage and the Comanche aimed to match that. The Commander Aircraft Company acquired the manufacturing rights in 1991, and by the next year, the first Commander 114 rolled off the line, now designated the 114B. This one was flown by (airline) Captain Pat Boling and took 45 hours and 43 minutes. Collins passed away in April, 2018. I was not yet a pilot at the time, but I read about the flights and wondered what it would be like to sit in an airplane for 36 hours. It was often a high-performance airplane in the hands of a low-performance pilot which put it at a disadvantage. Got 2700 hours out of a 1700 TBO engine. Where Beech had enlisted experienced professionals for their long-distance flights, Piper took a different tack. Shot 112 or 114. Join thousands of other pilots - sign up for our informative email newsletter. He then went on to work for the leading aviation magazines, including as editor of both AOPA Pilot and Flying. More Info. He tried again a couple of months later and made it to Teterboro in just over 36 hours and set a number of records in the process. The Windecker Eagle had okay handling qualities and the performance was what would be expected from an airplane of this horsepower and configuration. Look at the picture of an EA-400 and make your own decision about the appearance of the airplane. The 210 was, simply, an airframe that was adaptable to a lot of different things and it offered a lot of utility and performance at a relatively reasonable price. However, I have always reverted back to Bonanzas. No two were alike so I just always chose to believe the one I liked best. My wife’s ex said the A36 was the best airplane he ever flew and he did charter work in a Beech G18 for Hartzog Aviation in Rockford, IL (RFD) in the 60′ and 70’s. The airplane had a fixed landing gear and used a radial engine of which there were thousands upon thousands available in the surplus market. The round engine dictated a bigger fuselage to follow it around and the result was a spacious cabin for four or five (three across in back). That made diaper changing easier though the captain would usually choose not to have his peanut butter sandwich at that time.”– OMG!!! They Textures only for Carenado's payware Beech A36 Bonanza. This was pre-knots and I counted on 170 mph (145 knots) as the normal cruise for the Comanche so the Mooney would be about the same. Even though there were plenty of conventional geared aircraft stationed at the yellow hangers. He may have special clearance, but I love when he is “Inspecting”, it is like a Military Air Show. It did not feel right to me. It was pretty standard, though, to add a few quarts of oil and then check it before further flight. I vividly recall the first time I saw a T-250. He started his career working with his father, Leighton Collins, at the original Air Facts magazine. The Mooney 301 was a prototype aircraft created by American manufacturer Mooney Aircraft Company in 1983. It just looks so cool! New Power to the Commander. I’ve always liked the Commander 112/114’s also cause they just look good but I have to say after flying a 112A for a few hours I’m glad I’ve invested in the 260B and look forward to many more years of flying it. Looking for Info... Hey Everyone, if anyone out there owns or has recently owned a Commander 114 I would love to hear about what it's like to own one from a maintenance perspective. Three of us from FLYING took one of each out for an evaluation, swapping airplanes for each leg, and everyone agreed on which was the most pleasant to fly: the plain old 210. Ever. Rest assured that these are all personal opinions and I am sure many will differ. Sure I would enjoy those VW-Kombi-style doors of the Bonanza or C206, but all-around it´s a difficult airplane to beat. Over the years, the Bonanza was stretched and improved and the horsepower almost doubled. There is one skin section over the top of the cabin that is different and one forward belly skin that is different.. All of the engine installation components are the same. Now I know why the Beech V-tail and 33/36 models are so famous and popular. I guess there was some feeling that this success could morph into light airplanes, thus the Navion. Yes, had a smaller cabin, but with only a couple exceptions and some local flights, mine were all solo, so mostly the space outside the left seat was wasted. I rode in, but did not fly the first production M-20 in 1955, out of Linden Airport in New Jersey. I guess that meant I felt it was a bit cumbersome as well as out of date. They were the Arrow and the Lance (later the Saratoga) and while both were useful airplanes, they lacked the performance of the Bonanza. I put several thousand hours on a P210 and found it to be both dependable and economical (relatively). I would like to be around to see that. When I mounted the old 35, N3307V, I thought back to an airplane that I flew a lot on charter flights, N3358V. (There were also personal health reasons for me to begin questioning how long I should consider continuing to fly.)

commander 114 vs bonanza

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