Coss., L. For my own part I shall never allow anybody, if I know it, to go to you without a letter from me. As for myself, if I always had somebody to trust with them, I should send you as many as three an hour. Checked Out. But on the contrary, I have been kept utterly apart from him. ("Agamemnon", "Hom. B.C. What shall I say of the two Serviliuses?   [Cilicia, late October, 51 B.C.]. Fare you well then, and continue to love me as you have from a boy. But those days of vital importance, especially in civil wars, having been wasted, the year that intervened tempted some to hope for victory, others to think lightly of defeat itself. For though we have slain the tyrant, we still watch that tyrant's every nod. 4 There is a third point - to carry out by correspondence the consultations we should have held on our respective affairs if we had met. L  [2.25] . 46 It is therefore in the ability and energy of you two that I have a rich prospect of delight and distinction. Consider again and again what you are undertaking, and what strength you have for it; and be sure you remember, not how long was Caesar's life, but how short was his reign. 6d. Cassius' political and military career began in 53 B.C., when he served as quaestor under M.Crassus, who was leading an army against the Parthians. Well, on the very next day, a letter of Cassius from his friend Lucretius at Capua announced that Nigidius, an emissary of Domitius, had reached Capua, bringing news that Vibullius with a few soldiers was hurrying away from Picenum to Pompeius' camp, that Caesar was pursuing rapidly and that Domitius had less than 6000 men. Dictat. Nobody can play us false but yourself, and that is obviously foreign to your high character and integrity; but nobody else has the means of deceiving us; for it is you, and you alone, that we have trusted and shall continue to trust. Aemilius Lepidus. 45 For the situation I left behind me was one of complete calm as regards yourself, and thanks to your recent victory (and a glorious one it was), I can see that your arrival will be a memorable event. B.C. there is but one direction in which we can all rush, and that is to you. 3 But of this later on. Prior owner name on front free endpaper, otherwise unmarked, tight and clean.   [Camp at Tarichea, March 7th, 43 B.C.]. [15.17] M.Cicero to C.Cassius 3 As for my dear friend L.Cotta, yielding to a sort of irresistible despair (his own expression) he attends the Senate less regularly; L.Caesar, most admirable and gallant of citizens, is prevented by ill-health; Servius Sulpicius, a man of the greatest influence and soundest sentiments, is away from Rome. And not a soul has ever rightly found fault with this opinion of ours, except those who think it better that the commonwealth should be utterly destroyed than survive in an impaired and enfeebled condition. and from elsewhere rather than at home? What explanation do you suppose they offer when they do this? We pray to heaven that your counsels may be favourable to the welfare of the State and of yourself; failing that, our prayer is that they may be as little harmful to yourself as is consistent with the welfare and honour of the Republic. We indeed credit you with having made that denial in all good faith; at the same time, however, we refuse to acknowledge the truth of a single word of those allegations, and it surprises us that, though you kept silent about all this, you were so little able to control your anger as to reproach us with the death of Caesar. [15.14] Cicero to Caius Cassius, proquaestor of Syria Works by this author published before January 1, 1925 are in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago. . 4 Be absolutely assured, therefore, that all depends upon you and your friend Brutus, that you are both expected - Brutus indeed at any moment. [7.23] Cicero to Atticus, greeting. And yet we have lost a figure-head in the city. Domitius Ahenobarbus, Ap. B.C. . The letters written by Cicero take place over the course of a very interesting time in Roman history, and Cicero was a central figure in Letters to His Friends contains 426 letters from Cicero, representing his correspondence with friends and acquaintances from 62 to 43 BC. 2 We imagined that the war was finished, but all of a sudden we have been thrown into an agony of anxiety by your friend Lepidus. 59 Farewell. book 1 letter 1 letter 2 letter 3 letter 4 letter 5 letter 6 letter 7 letter 8 letter 9 letter 10 letter 12 letter 13 letter 14 letter 15 letter 16 letter 17 letter 18 letter 19 letter 20 . Claudius Marcellus, Servius Sulpicius I am terribly full of anxiety, and I would sooner have the old and lenient master [Caesar], than make trial of a new and cruel one. For myself, I never fail, and I never shall fail, to protect those dear to you; and whether they appeal to me for advice or whether they don't, I can in either case guarantee my love and loyalty to yourself. "We are condemned" is the better phrase; for that lunatic declares that I was the ringleader in that splendid achievement of yours. Mart., Coss. Why on me above all men? Vol. Magister Equitum, Am. 67 This was never delivered as a speech, but contains Cicero's most outspoken denunciation of the character and policies of Antonius. As for you, I would have you know that you are a great man here, not only in men's present estimation, but also in their anticipations of your future. 65 I also wrote a despatch to the Senate, forbidding it to be delivered until it had been read out to you - if it happens that my people have been good enough to regard my wishes. Coss., M. Papius Piso, M. valerius Messalla. I confess that they, if they be not deliverers of the Roman people and saviours of the republic, are worse than assassins, worse than homicides, worse even than parricides: since it is a more atrocious thing to murder the father of one's country, than one's own father. Am I embarrassing you? 3 To cut the matter short, I got nothing that satisfied me out of that journey except the satisfaction to my conscience. Our friend M.Brutus indeed has won extraordinary distinction; his achievements have been so substantial and so unexpected that, welcome as they are in themselves, their brilliance has been enhanced by their rapidity. why was the number of their legates augmented? Letters to Atticus; with an English translation. you will say. sine collega. r. p. But for all that the discovery that you are extraordinarily fond of him has made me much more of a friend to him. M. Antonius. Your reliance on such methods has no terrors for us; for neither is it seemly or suitable for us, on our side, to bow our spirit before any peril, nor is it for Antonius to claim lordship over those to whose efforts he owes his freedom. Crus. When I was in the midst of my speech, in came Cassius. 6 Since my last conversation with Hirtius I have determined to ask for permission, while we are at Rome, to have a bodyguard at the public expense; but I do not expect they will grant us that privilege, because we shall raise a storm of unpopularity against them. Iulius Caesar II., P. Servilius Vatia Why, in that very school you have selected I apprehend there is more vitality than I should have supposed, if only because it has your approval. September 25th, 44 B.C.]. Had he shown that speed, Africa would have experienced the same leniency as was witnessed by Asia, yes, and by Achaea too, with you yourself, as I take it, being their ambassador and intercessor. . When Caesar was slain, says he, Marcus Brutus immediately lifted up on high his bloody dagger, and called on Cicero by name; and congratulated him on liberty being recovered. M. Aemilius Lepidus II. But these are all old stories now. L  I suppose it is the wintry weather that has so far prevented us from having any certain information about you - what you are doing, and most important of all, where you are. . line to jump to another position: B.C. 63. Just as though Asia were under a blockade, nothing reaches us except rumours about the crushing of Dolabella, which are certainly quite consistent, but lack authority. The letter stated that the consuls had left Capua. All this, however, one can put up with; what is not endurable is that a man [Philippus] can be found to think that his son will be consul in the year that belongs to you and Brutus, and for that reason makes a parade of being our brigand's very humble servant.   [Rome, (?) I should like you to be assured that neither you and your family, nor the Senate are without strong safeguards, so that you may defend the Republic in the best of hopes and with the highest spirit. Letters to Atticus, with an English translation by E.O. Vatinius. 2 And for that reason we beg of you to inform us of your attitude of mind towards us, whether you think we shall be safe amid so great a throng of veteran soldiers, who, we are told, are even thinking of replacing the altar, a thing we believe that hardly anybody can desire or approve, who desires our own safety and honour. On September 2nd, Cicero spoke in the senate for the first time since the death of Caesar. I said the same over again. Cassius had recently become a follower of the Epicurean school of philosophy. We are excited to announce that Cicero Translations is now part of The Translation People Ltd and will trade as The Translation People Ltd from 01 March 2020. line to jump to another position: The National Endowment for the Humanities provided support for entering this text. On March 15th 44 B.C., Caesar was killed in the senate-house by a group of senators, led by Brutus and Cassius. Were these the men to seek counsel from the ancestors of others rather than from their own? net. In any case the forces investing him must by this time be inconsiderable, because the garrison with which Antonius holds Bononia is a strong one. Letters to Atticus, with an English translation by E.O. The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work. For I hope that men generally will come to understand how much all the world hates cruelty, and how much it loves integrity and clemency, and that the blessings most eagerly sought and coveted by the bad ultimately find their way to the good. 2 But, even supposing that the eye can be struck by these spectres because they run up against it quite of their own accord, how the mind can be so struck is more than I can see. For the allegation that such an order was issued to veterans because it was your intention to bring forward the question of their interests in the month of June is as frivolous as it is futile. In October, Cicero wrote the "Second Philippic". But our forces, where are they? No one except myself knows it; but Dolabella has written to me that that district is totally lost. [12.12] Cassius, proconsul, to M.Cicero

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