", to do so my plant can really thrive for next year. Aim to water your plants regularly. Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) Schlumbergera truncata and S. × buckleyi are the two species of epiphytic cacti that are both commonly known as Christmas cactus. Wanted to find out how much watering, "What a great article! Generally leaves a Christmas cactus are limp due to excessive sunlight and inadequate water supply. Get a personalized wikiHow-style meme drawn for you today! How to Care for a Christmas Cactus. Despite its name, the Christmas cactus is not a desert plant, but rather has its origins in the tropical rain forests of … Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! It is best to keep in a normal house temperature range, about 65 to 75°F (18 to 20°C). Giving your Christmas cactus the proper care, including giving it the right temperature and lighting conditions and placing it in the right place, will ensure that the plant will bloom and might continuously flower several times more within a year. Thank you so much. The tropical cacti such as Christmas cacti prefer partial shade. This popular, winter-flowering houseplant makes a great addition to nearly any indoor setting. % of people told us that this article helped them. You should also water less in the fall and winter. Planting Christmas cactus Christmas cacti need a well-drained compost, so either use a compost specifically recommended for cacti and succulents or use a multi-purpose compost with added John Innes plus some added grit. Seeing examples is the best way for me to learn. Is it better to water from the top, or place it in a bowl of water and let soak for a while? Very informative and specific. If you under-water your Christmas cactus, you can expect the leaves to droop. An alternative is one part potting soil, two parts peat moss or compost, and one part sharp sand or perlite. Typically, it will bloom in November or December and again in February. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 4,689,517 times. If your environment is close to that, you should be fine. I also appreciated the guidance about no putting it too close to direct heating. Don't expose the plant to freezing temperatures. ", plant that produces gold flowers, very pretty. Watering. Many times though, they’re both labeled as Christmas Cactus when they are sold! Your artwork is excellent and exactly what I was searching for! For starters, repotting the plant is a good idea. ", helped. Christmas Cactus Care. Desert cacti love direct sunlight and would do with four hours a day of some direct sunlight. A Christmas Cactus is a tropical plant that does not naturally exist in nature. From September and October, the Christmas Cactus should be kept in a cool room where temperatures will remain around 50-55°F (10-12°C), give or take a few degrees. I, "This article was very well laid out with step-by-step instructions, also having pictures of the different problems, "Thank you for detailing the months to water, then dry in October, followed with water in November to produce. All the blooms dropped, and I knew then. If the buds form too early, you can lower the temperature to stunt them. Maggie Moran is a Professional Gardener in Pennsylvania. Feed a Christmas cactus with a 20-20-20 or 10-10-10 plant food diluted with water to 50% strength. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. ", frost, then bring them in and they bloom between thanksgiving and Christmas. Use a combination of 3 parts potting soil to one part sand for the potting medium. Be sure to turn plants at regular intervals while encouraging new growth. If it's in a north or east-facing window, you won't have to worry about light. You can even pass it down through generations. To have your Christmas cactus bloom at Christmas time, you will probably need to force it, by first sending it into dormancy and then coaxing it out. Generally, it should be fertilized 2-4 times a year with a 20-20-20 feed, but stop feeding about a month before the buds appear (this usually means stopping by the end of October). ", article in order to review the information throughout the year, since a marked twelve month calendar is included to assist the reader in determining when and when not to water and fertilize. "My 6-year-old Christmas cactus has bloomed faithfully, but not grown much in size. ", 2 to move it because it is so large. "I learned so much. But it can depend on whether the plant is indoors or outdoors as well as the amount of sun, water, and humidity it is exposed too. 22/11/2020. These cacti are epiphytes, which means they grow on trees, so their roots show above the ground as well as below. During winter, tropical cacti such as Rhipsalis would ideally need direct sunlight because that’s when they bloom. Holiday Cactus Care. Keep Your Plant Alive All Season. Darker potting soil typically absorbs and holds onto water longer. To keep your plant looking nice, deadheading should be done. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. The Christmas cactus is a unique kind of cacti that blooms close to the holiday in early winter, hence its name. Indoors Christmas Cactus Care. Now I can keep my 4-year-old Christmas cactus happy and healthy in my new place in Maine. For tips on how to make sure your Christmas cactus blooms in time for Christmas, read on! I've had my plant for 20 years, it was my grandmother's before she passed. How to care for Christmas cactus at home Anna Cottrell. Pot: it is preferable to use a mineral substrate, such as volcanic sand. Thanks to this article, I have good information to successfully grow my plants. Only water when the soil feels dry about an inch below the surface. Why? I'll be reading your other instructions as well.". Try to repot in a container that is 1–1.5 inches larger than the current one it's living in. ", watering. Should I deadhead the wilted blooms on my Christmas cactus? ", December blooms! Maggie Moran is a Professional Gardener in Pennsylvania. The article also helped me out with this. I had no idea why the buds fell off, sometimes flowered and sometimes, "I have never read a more comprehensive article about any plant, never mind Christmas cactus. Place the plants in a dark area from about 12 or more hours each night for 6-8 weeks or until you see buds forming. It’s not just a seasonal plant, however. LIGHT Also, I have never fertilized it, and will begin that as suggested after blooming and resting. When you're ready, up the temperature and they should resume their progress. Allow Christmas cactus moisture levels to drop and dry out some between watering intervals, but never completely, and never let the plant sit in water, as this will lead to root and stem rot.

christmas cactus care

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