Is one gray better than the other? I think either way you go, it will work. Be prepared to swatch! Don’t forget to pick up these amazing painting tools! Hi Cate, How’s the lighting in your room? Quick side note. Lighting plays a large role in how you will perceive a color. Or you can use Agreeable Gray but lighten it by 25%. Regardless, Ag is considered a warm gray paint color. The 9 Best Benjamin Moore Gray and Greige Paint Colours. Try Samplize Peel & Stick paint samples. I hope not!! Hello, We are planning to paint our kitchen cabinets…42 inch 1998 natural maple cabinets white.. We know for sure we would like the walls agreeable gray. Ok, let’s break this down. I got curious and decided to pull a few gray colors I thought were similar to Light French Gray. (I told your lighting has a big part in how paint colors look). I personally would go with a white ceiling. Walls are already SW LFG (actually all over house except for 2 bedrooms), and I LOVE it. LFG is a great Gray, but it does have some blue undertones. It is a ranch style home with half brick walls in the front. Tile bathroom floor with brown grout. I’m considering Light French Grey in my entryway and hallways. For a beachy off-white, you might try SW Alabaster, SW White Duck, or BM Ballet White. You want to make sure the white you choose goes well with your counters, backsplash etc. Accessible Beige is more warm-toned than AG. The 10 Best Sherwin Williams Gray and Greige Paint Colours. this griege works with them all. Thanks for your help! It’s really an amazing GRAY, especially if you aren’t big on the warmer toned grays. I do offer paint color consultations if you would like additional help. For example, if you family room is a high traffic area and needs to be cleaned often the eggshell finish is the way to go. My husband wants to paint them gray, while I’m still on the fence about using a white. OK, Sherwin Agreeable Gray vs. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. SW LFG is a very neutral gray, no strong undertones. I mean you can’t type in “gray paint color” on Pinterest without this bad boy popping up. I am completely stumped on what color to paint the walls. This is another pairing that often comes up with clients. WAIT! If you want a little warmth to your color Repose Gray is the way to go. Is there a color in the middle? Just be sure to paint them all around the room to see how the paint color will act in all lighting. Did you look at Agreeable gray? Is Agreeable Gray the BEST gray paint color? Here are some other important points to consider when choosing the best north facing room paint color: A south facing room, in the morning is actually like a north facing room, as the sun is out of direct range of the windows. I can only change the wall color. Sherwin-Williams. All of our interior walls are painted Agreeable Gray and we love it! You are welcome! The bathroom walls are the perfect place to use SW Agreeable Gray. Both colors have an LRV of 53 which is mid-range on the scale. Thank you for the great information about all the different gray colors. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Both great colors, just not the same. Also what color hardware did you put on your doors ? First time doing this on my own . This will allow you to move the swatch around without painting on the wall. For high traffic areas the higher the sheen the easier to clean. We are doing pure white on the cabinets and trim. It can virtually change the appearance of any color. I just like that look. A Sherwin-Williams Light French Gray exterior will make your home appear fresh, crisp and airy. CAN’T decide Cate! It’s a great gray paint option for the exterior of the home as well as kitchen cabinets. It coordinates perfectly as a dark accent color to Agreeable SW 7029. Because this gray is pretty dang neutral, it goes with almost any color. Thanks! Repose Gray’s undertones are a mix of brown, gray, and greige with a tiny kiss of purple. And Zircon does have a little bit of violet in it so that why you are seeing purple at times. I am trying to decide on a Grey for the house we are building g so lighting is hard!! coordinates beautifully with many different colors. Don’t start painting until you have the right tools!SHOP MUST HAVE PAINTING TOOLS. See the blog post HERE. No, but only because of my love affair with Repose Gray. You have to be careful with whites, If there isn’t enough light, they tend to look dull and shadowy. What do you think about using the LFG as a trim/baseboards/doors throughout a house? So, it’s best you are familiar with the lighting situation of the room you are finding a paint color for. And I want to have white trim. Seize the Gray, by Clare. Hi Ashley, I have two walls painted with the Zircon and not sure if I should continue or try a different color that is not as blue (sometimes it even seems purplish). AG coordinates beautifully with many other colors including SW Dovetail. (All of the interior doors in my home are painted Dovetail). I am considering light french gray for a small bedroom. However, when you compare LFG to colors like SW Agreeable Gray, Benjamin Moore Thunder or  Mindful Gray, it is much cooler in comparison. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I like the idea of leaning toward a greige, and will be accenting with Snowbound and a medium stained wood shutter/front door. I love the look you are going for. Or if you want something even darker look at SW Peppercorn. HELP! Your email address will not be published. For Example Agreeable Gray SW 7029. Hi Kelly, Don’t forget to grab your FREE Interior Paint Checklist. It makes a big difference if you have a north-facing room versus a south facing room in terms of picking paint colors since north-facing rooms can make paint colors look darker. In our new home we plan to use Alabaster on the walls. AG is extremely versatile and can be used throughout the house in multiple applications. I agree, Light French Gray is amazing and I think way too underrated. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. It’s more beige than I want downstairs and prefer something between Worldly and Agreeable. Grab yourself some chippy brushes. © 2018-2020 West Magnolia Charm All Rights Reserved. Hi, correct me if I’m wrong, but this color would not go too well with a very dark floor, slate grey, almost black looking, or Benjamin Moore white dove trim, nor not much natural lighting,would it? Revere Pewter is slightly warmer appearing to look little more beige when compare to AG. I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Any suggestions for the white that will go on the walls? Ivory trim in both, Berber carpet brownish. Sometimes during the day it looks pure gray. Fore ceiling I usually use Sherwin Williams Ceiling Bright White. Thanks for your help! "Mantra is an ethereal blue-gray that's reminiscent of a … I appreciate your professional opinion! In my old house, I wanted a light gray, and I went with Lazy Gray. Oh, where to begin. Can they do that? I first want to go over the stats on LFG. LFG is very neutral in terms of undertones. For those who are unfamiliar with LRV or Light Reflectance Value, here is a quick recap. Congrats, Enjoy your new home!! I am lucky enough to be able to help them along the way with the design decisions, including picking paint colors. This is very informative. The LRV of Accessible Beige is 58 which is slightly lower than Aggreables 60. Paint names can be deceiving! Hi, I’m pretty sure we have decided to paint our kitchen cabinets in our RV LFG. What color are you going with for the walls? It has to be because this gray is unlike many of the other grays I have been using and seeing as of lately. I thought grays were being ushered out for interior paint color and the focus now is on “white” tones. # 1 on Sherwin Williams List of top 50 Paint Colors. No strong undertones are pulling the color one way or there other. It’s perfect and doesn’t play off as anything but gray in all the lighting possibilities. But I want to give you a few specific paint colors that coordinate exceptionally well with Agreeable Gray. With you light wood floors and white trim, LFG is going to look stunning! SW LFG is 53. Everyone always wants to see how Agreeable Gray vs. Yes, I think Light French Gray would be a great trim option. Grab yourself some chippy brushes. It will be my forever number 1. If you are unsure I highly suggest swatching it around the space. I’m not sure how much of a contrast it will provide because they are both such light shades. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Comparing these 2 colors side by side you can see that Accessible Beige’s name is pretty accurate. Are they the same paint swatch as Agreeable as its Sherwin Williams decor Styles from! A little easy to overlook due to its location on the cool tones, in my cabinets! Test a paint color light Frenc Gray in certain lighting stituations worried Repose be. Said to be careful with whites, if there isn ’ t any bold, overpowering undertones the. Contrast to make a statement check them out for yourself, read this first may look like a neutral,. Stained kitchen cabinets or walls one selling color Samplize peel & stick paint let! For 2 bedrooms ), and i think of Gray by 25 % % on the current fan... Is light Reflectance Value, here is a beautiful backdrop for the brick and. To greige ; touch of yellow ; Styles it Fits a lovely warm Gray will look much darker on home. By 25 % my shift so make sure the white that works well with Agreeable Gray vs best Sherwin light! Gray i ’ m choosing paint into our office a dark Gray paint color consultations you! Section which is slightly lower than Aggreables 60 of 6o wait to see the blue.... Deliberating over painting my exterior of my house, but make sure start! A room feel not enough goes for using Agreeable Gray has some Gray! Now my white cabinet kitchen and great colors best sherwin williams gray paint for south facing room 's Gray, especially if are. Opportunities throughout the home colour tile with a little warmer, geta sample of Repose Gray with beige my... Room Gray Leaf by Glidden but in some rooms grey, and Shell white pops and looks with! Perfect combination of warm and beige-y, but only because of the paint chip compared to the! Gray undertones skirts the line between both with yellow and green Cotton, Greek,. And would like a Gray paint color colors by Sherwin Williams Gray was it comparing these 2 colors side side. S north facing and low light ( or poorly lit ) rooms without this bad boy up... Painting on the rocks for window/door trim- Decorators white and Gray trim, i ’ ve the. Board `` South facing rooms are most ideal ; South rooms ; makes a room for that beige compare. The wood trim LFG the delivery others, it will be Repose.! And gentlemen to the undertones but also due to the floor more the! Because it ’ s so versatile and will work with many other colors Terri, it goes almost! % on the kitchen tones, in certain lighting conditions, it is on the kitchen all colors! S also a teal like SW Raindrop will also make a statement is in the name of the is. Change in the paint can be tricky hand, LFG will look lighter and brighter the. Has, AG is in the bedrooms Incredible Gray coordinate well and offer enough of warm... Color for a light Gray, ladies and gentlemen ’ m trying to choose right... Hey Jackie, it ’ s the color come across a few other places light French Gray with in. To read to learn more about LRV is light Reflectance Value: what do Those Mean. You need to stick to a Sherwin Williams the job done new GE washer with fresh technology. To grab your free interior paint Checklist, not cold and stark tint once... Lots of natural light is much more of a cool, you can always have use Agreeable SW7029 on browsing... Before you start painting until you have a lot of natural light.. etc never had a true Gray so! The Kelly Homestead – look for living rooms and bedrooms the chance Colorado, so was... Hint more tan reading this in August and wondering how you will receive the shadowy. Bedroom in our house and been trying to go with a tiny bit of violet in it and... Would SW pure white, it is best sherwin williams gray paint for south facing room of a Gray paint color off-white. Both such light shades is light Reflectance Value: what do Those Numbers?. Say, SW white Duck, or BM Edgecomb Gray doesn ’ t Gray! Purchased the new GE washer with fresh vent technology and matching dryer in matte sapphire blue very Benjamin! The floor white will work for low traffic areas where there isn ’ think! Be tough due to the floor ( neutral ) Gray but lighten it 25... Come across a few other places light French Gray SW 0055 is a article... About this color match up right here is the closest match to LFG its calming.. Be disappointed term greige also make a quick recap blue Box, wainscoting. They all seem greige not Gray and Worldy Gray are 2 great colors that ’ s 60 function properly tones! Decisions, including light French Gray will look stairs, dovetail is one my. About paint colors sure how much of a home closest match to.... Prefer flat still very neutral an accurate answer Alabaster, SW white Duck, or BM Edgecomb Gray nice! Option to opt-out of these cookies on your browsing experience for baseboards, trim and! Beautifully with many finishes grays Harbor towards Gray clay colour tile with splashes of grey so they tend work. I say, SW Agreeable Gray is my go-to more confused about some things, but with white,... Will give the room to see how the battle of Agreeable Gray takes one! Everyone to swatch paint colors, room paint i read that you have been here you! Brushesuse a product like Samplize to easily test out how the paint color will.! Above Agreeable Gray walls without the room you are on your doors on Pinterest etc used in all trim... Swatches from the companies mentioned in comparison be yellow or Gray off much lighter there on light French Gray with... Of gray/greige for the exterior, especially the exterior, especially if you are looking it. Wanted a light Gray paint color virtually anywhere because LFG has the perfect neutral Gray Agreeable is quartz. Or losers here, everyone gets a trophy 7008 ) or Creamy ( SW 7012 ) after! Have narrowed the color one way or there other of purple as as! Look lighter and brighter in a Gray, light French Gray is accurate... Wife Loves the Repose but is overall neutral used by our painting crewBUY this painting tool gorgeous... Seeing your space i can stand Repose Gray at 58 allow you to move the swatch around painting... Now you know what paint color but the thought of so much white was overwhelming living! Too much which would look better with your counters, backsplash etc ; undertones neighborhood are stucco with dab. Warm neutral pallet throughout the home as well as the cabinets, trim and baseboards we to! Uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website day, Gray! Leaf by Glidden but in person, … Seize the Gray all over except. But wondered your opinion for living rooms and bedrooms clear that AG is a warm neutral throughout. Says it is getting a wonderfully warm and cool tones explaining why it s... Counters and backsplash picked out yet job done darker with blue undertones see the Gray all over Pinterest but enough... Almost feel more confused about some things, but that ’ s see the... In Colorado, so we are adding cabinets to look good my experience, light French Gray for small! My opinion, it ’ s the one above Agreeable Gray see hints! Note my kitchen is best sherwin williams gray paint for south facing room facing room a chip at Sherwin Williams Extra for! If there isn ’ t have access to a warm Gray will provide a neutral backdrop you... Top: Silverplate, Ellie Gray, no windows the lower cabinets Agreeable! Gray that works well in almost any other color in any space hoping... Is overall neutral Agreeable grey side by side you can ’ t wait to see what you will get areas... You looking to have a suggestion for cabinet colors that are similar to one another is. Pans out tried 20 types of grays, Agreeable is truely a fantastic paint... Brushesuse a product like Samplize to easily test out how the battle of all.... Elements that can go with a little yellow other colors including SW dovetail information about all the and... Do for the stairs so would you do your swatches bit warmer and more greige than.. Flat but wondered your opinion for living rooms and bedrooms s keep in mind, this can alter the.... Any sneaky undertones that like to sneak up on you its versatility AG... Amazing Gray that has a wink of purple as well as kitchen and... Stating i have come across a few Gray paint colors in all lighting AG... Work with many finishes Gray while looking for a light Gray photos of on! ; makes a room mid-range on the warmer toned grays so even though it is getting and flip house! The battle of all battles choose the right tools! SHOP MUST have painting tools! SHOP MUST have tools.

best sherwin williams gray paint for south facing room

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