Are there negative affects to this? What about Remote copy can you run AO on this VV? After running happily for a while I added further SSD disk into my P1000 array which is of a larger size to the original SSD. Adaptive & Dynamics Optimization This is when of the great 3PAR StoreServ features, allowing 'regions' of data to be moved between different storage tiers. Tier 2: 14TB RAID5 10K disks. Beyond the flashy features, many 3PAR customers will find that Primera will not support some of their favorite capabilities. The inclusion of HP 3PAR Adaptive Optimization software in this suite helps deliver an increase in IOPS and reduced latency at a lower storage cost than traditional storage. HPE 3PAR Host Explorer. Sunday – Nothing When you hit this level AO will not move any more data to those disks. Start again by keeping things simple, monitor during your core business hours and be careful to not include things like backups in your monitoring period which could throw the results off. The new family 8000 will be shipped with the same fifth-generation ASIC that were introduced in the 20000 series arrays earlier this year. I think the other feature you are looking for is Adaptive Optimizer and sub-volume tiering... policies are defined within "System Reporter", which runs on a separate server in your environment and accessed via web browser. But I think there would be a couple of challenges with this approach. We’ve got several volumes now using this config. In this case we will look at how the workload is distributed on the back-end drives and how that relates to the Adaptive Optimization Policies. In this case we will look at how the workload is distributed on the back-end drives and how that relates to the Adaptive Optimization Policies. Hi all, new to 3par with a question with regarding Adaptive Optimization configuration. If you are running a two tier system that contains NL disks, provision new VVs from tier 1 so that new writes are not hitting slow NL disks. My problem is whether this sounds reasonable and, moreover, how to deal with provisioning. HPE 3PAR Online Import. 2. If that’s the case you’d always be playing catchup and probably burn more I/O moving data than you’d gain using tiering. Last edited by abelliot on Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:54 am, edited 1 time in total. Could you please explain how Dynamic Adaptive optimization works ? I have very few space left in SSDs and also VVs are TDVVs. Then perhaps another DO job to move it back to the CPG with AO, once the workload drops. It would be good if HP could learn the storage characteristic and then adapt for a time period for example lets say you had a workload that ran weekly which was IO intensive. Learn about 3PAR StoreServ, AI-powered to deliver enterprise class, Tier-1 all-flash array data storage solutions that provide unmatched agility and efficiency. This seems ‘understandable’ to me in that I expect most of the data to move down to Tier 2 (e.g. HPE 3PAR Smart SAN. Specifically, I expect these LUNs to be large (e.g. By moving an entire volume you may find that it was only certain regions that truly required the SSD’s and but pushing the rest of the volume also to SSD’s you are effectively wasting space on them. Create Adaptive Optimization Policy Mode– how “aggressive” the policy is. Regional IO density is measured in terms of IOPs per GB per minute. Then when its the original CPG is empty you would be able to delete it. Your email address will not be published. AO is controlled through an AO config. HPE 3PAR Virtual Service Processor (Not included in HPE 3PAR StoreServ 20000) HPE 3PAR Recovery Manager Central Adaptive Optimization (AO) is 3PAR’s disk tiering technology, which automatically moves the hottest most frequently accessed blocks to the fastest disks and at the same time moves the infrequently accessed cold blocks of data to slower disks.

adaptive optimization 3par

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