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President Trump Has A Meeting With Drone Companies




President Trump will attend a meeting on Thursday regarding the future of emerging technologies such as 5G Wireless networks and drones. Kespry, Airmap, PrecisionHawk, Airspace, and Measure will attend the drone meeting; these drone companies are all from the United States.

Demonstrations will be held to show drone contributions to the growing economy, and talks of creating the right rules for this emerging technology will take place. Even though the convergence of drone companies can show the massive benefits of drones throughout different industries, President Trump has already shown a growing concern regarding the misuse of drone technology. Just last May, President Trump’s administration drafted a 10-page summary of the legislation, and their request to Congress was to have the rights to track, hack, and destroy any drone without the consent of the pilot. The talk for regulations will take place as these emerging technologies continue to make an impact on the US economy.

President Trump Is Meeting With These Drone Companies


This company is based in Santa Monica, CA, and they were founded in 2015. AirMap plays a huge role in today’s drone maps, and they help UAVs operate in low altitudes. DJI’s GEO flight app is made by AirMap. This company has made authorized unlocking and geofencing possible. Parrot, DJI, 3DR, and Intel are only some of the companies that incorporate AirMap technologies into their drones.

AirMap geofencing


This is a 2-year-old drone security company. Airspace identifies, tracks, and autonomously removes drones in unwanted places like stadiums and other prohibited areas. They have the title of the world’s first complete drone security system. Their mission is to protect the airspace with catch and retrieve technology; Airspace uses drones to catch other drones with a net.


Founded in 2010, this commercial drone and data company is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. PrecisionHawk also works with DJI, Yuneec, and GoPro to process flight data for different industries. Crop analysis, 3D models, and orthomosaics are only some of their specialties.

drone mapping


This California-based company focuses on using UAV data for construction, roof inspections, insurance claims, and mining. They have their own drone system called the Kespry 2, and they even have a partnership with John Deere Construction & Forestry.

Kespry Drone


This startup company is based in Washington D.C., and they fly drones for other businesses. This company assesses different situations and deploys the right drone for the customer’s needs. Measure is a drone service company. According to Measure’s CEO Brandon Torres Declet, their aim is to “[be] the model for how drone services will develop and grow in the future.

Measure Drone Service

President Trump will have to consider these emerging drone companies and create new policies to enable a flourishing drone industry, and he has to balance that with his team’s request to Congress for total control over these drones. Regardless of the outcome, tomorrow’s meeting will be a pivotal point for the drone industry in the US.


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