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Record number of tourists bringing drones on holiday to New Zealand




New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is concerned about the number of tourists who bring their drones on holiday to New Zealand.

According to the CAA, in the last year 200,000 tourists brought their drones into the country. This number is extraordinary given New Zealand’s relatively small 4.7 million residents and estimated 280,000 domestic drone owners.

A senior specialist with the CAA, Mark Houston, spoke with Radio New Zealand and said many tourists were unfamiliar with New Zealand rules governing privacy and safety. New Zealand is a giant tourist destination and visiting holidaymakers frequently use their drones to capture stunning shots its breathtaking nature. At some popular tourist spots like Queenstown however, tourists have been observed flying in restricted areas, disturbing nature or otherwise ignoring regulations put in place by the CAA.

Queenstown is a popular destination for tourists visiting New Zealand.

Drone basics when visiting New Zealand

* Many of these rules are applicable in other countries too

  •  Don’t fly your drone within 4 km of an airport
  •  Do not fly your out of line-of-sight
  •  Fly only in daylight
  • Give way to all crewed aircraft
  • Make sure you have consent from anyone whose property you want to fly above
  • Be responsible and have fun



Tourism Destination which forbid bringing drones on holiday

  • India
  • Cuba
  • Morocco
  • Kenya

(For an extended list of destinations where drones are banned or restricted see this link)

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