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Torture Test Two: DJI Phantom 4

Derrick Threatt



If there’s anything better than having one torture test video – it’s having two torture test videos on the same day!

This time, it’s a video from #SamiLuo – who generally produces a-w-e-s-o-m-e videos out of China. Sami’s videos often include Chinese characters, but you don’t actually have to understand Chinese to see what’s going on in this video.

Watch, as Sami puts DJI’s Phantom 4 through a horrendous series of paces. Sure, he has it hoist water bottles. But there’s much, much more. He uses it, in flight, as a tree trimmer. He clips off half a prop. He throws the DJI case at it. And more.

It’s pretty amazing to watch.

And kids? Don’t try this at home. Unless of course, it’s someone else’s Phantom 4 and you can run really fast.



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