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Torture Test One: FPVStyle Unicorn 220

Derrick Threatt



If you’re going to race First Person View – you are going to crash.

It is an absolute given.

In fact, show up at any FPV gathering and you’ll notice that a fair number of people are spending their time repairing their drones. It’s part of the sport. And – for many – part of the fun.

Recently, came across a YouTube video that features a racing drone that appears to be pretty much indestructible. Seriously – we can’t believe what they do to the FPVStyle Unicorn 220. They throw it against concrete, buzz the props against steel – you name it.

And, after all of this, the thing keeps flying!!

The unit owes some of this ruggedness to its design. Though you can get inside for tweaks and fixes, it looks pretty much sealed. No exposed wires or ESCs – just the antenna and XT-60 connector. This likely adds a bit of weight – but not every racer is planning on making it to Dubai for the world championships.

We can’t tell from this video whether the Unicorn is a competitive racer. But we can tell you that if you’re learning the sport – this is one tough puppy. Retail is $299 US. And, judging by this video, it’s going to last.



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