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Top 6 Drones vs Animals Battles -Technology vs Wild Nature




Viral videos such as Drones vs Animals are on the increase and why not? Such videos can have a fascination as it is one way we can see how animals naturally react up close and personal without spilling our coffee. We all root for the animals to win and for the most part they do. Some of these videos will be fascinating to watch. Some may encourage the viewer to exercise their animals in the same fashion. Caution cannot be stressed enough on this point. Here are 5 videos of drones vs animals videos and a chance for us to root for our animal friends:

Drone vs Antelope

  • A number of viewers gave this video the rotten tomato. It can be easy to see why as the drone seems to get aggressive with the antelope baiting it to attack the drone. Rest assure, the antelope uses its head and gets the upper hand.

Drone vs Kangaroo

  • Interesting how viewer’s reactions are different to the other video. Perhaps it is the approach. Filmed on a Phantom 2 Vision Drone, it keeps a respectful distance and gives a remarkably clear video. However, fisticuffs ensue and the Phantom Vision is down from a one-two punch.

Drone vs Dog

  • This is the ultimate in canine work out. Lots of land and just close enough to get some real-life canine selfies. The drone is powerless to escape the mighty jaws of the canine attacker. Giant bone in the sky or pull toy?

Drone vs Tuna

  • More like drone fishing with cool cinematography. Shot on a Phantom 3, there is a hint of adding bait to the drone which find out later is a bait and switch in the truest sense. Of course, the fisherman looks well-experience and celebrates the victory in a way a true fisherman would. The end score: Drone -0, Tuna-0.

Drone vs Tiger

  • This video has been infamous this past week and certainly making the social media rounds. One can’t help but think of the Tigers as some team of football players taking out the Inspire. It really is awe-inspiring to see these animals in action as well as a little unnerving.

Drone vs Eagle

  • This is the granddaddy of them all and the first to make the social media rounds under the guise of training birds of prey to combat airborne terrorist devices, I can’t help but think, “Be careful of those talons against the moving blades.” Some have decried that this is a fake video. I don’t think so.

Hope you enjoyed this Top 6 Drones vs Animals Post!

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