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Top 10 YouTube Drone Channels!




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Flite Test

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From flying the world’s largest race drone to making a Little Tikes car fly, this channel is recognized for its entertainment. Most of the drones featured on this channel are custom-built, so you can get ideas on how to start a DIY drone project.


Quadcopter 101

drone channels

Another channel that uploads daily, Quadcopter 101 has drone reviews that cover mostly toy and low-cost drones. This channel is great for those looking to get the best drone at a budget-friendly price.



drone channels

Iphonedo has mixed content, but this channel is still listed here because of its authentic drone reviews.


Drone Racing League

drone channels

DRL has videos that show the latest professional race drones buzzing through the likes of LED-lit courses. This channel covers FPV racing as a sport, which is great for quad lovers.



drone channels

Alishanmao started way back in 2006. This channel has grown to become a diverse review channel that covers everything from rare drones to FPV quads.


Bonus channel!

We Talk UAV

drone channels

We also have a YouTube channel that features real crash tests and other drone related reviews and tutorials with an entertaining twist.


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