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Top 10 YouTube Drone Channels!




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Finding the best drone for your needs is one thing, learning how to get the most out of your drone is another, so We Talk UAV compiled a list of the top 10 YouTube drone channels that cover everything from deciding which drone to get to learning how to shoot better footage.

10 YouTube drone channels

These drone channels aren’t ranked in a particular order, but they all offer viewers with drone related material:

Epic Drone Videos

drone channels

Sometimes learning how to shoot better footage can be achieved by simply watching other drone videos. This channel’s videos can be used to learn how to compose and frame a shot. The scenes are simple, the music goes well with the footage, and the videos are on average about three minutes long.


Ready Set Drone

drone channels

From FPV drones to toy drones, this channel is known for conducting real tests to help viewers decide which quadcopter to get.


Drone Camps RC

drone channels

This channel is also known for drone reviews, but there are a lot of small brand drones that are covered in their reviews.


Tom’s Tech Time

drone channels

Known for covering mostly DJI drones, this channel features drone tutorials like how to shoot better panoramas and how to film extreme sports.


Billy Kyle

drone channels

One of the more active YouTube droners, Billy Kyle’s channel has tech videos and short films for improving your drone skills.

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