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Top 10 STUPID Things People Do With Their Drones




This title shouldn’t surprise you at all as you might have seen loads negative, positive and just strange news about the drones and drone pilots. Apparently for some people being a regular law-abiding pilot seems to be boring, uninteresting and mainstream. Those are exactly the pilots we will be showing you today. Last year TheWacky has created the video displaying top 10 stupid things people do with their drones.  Check it out:

If you made it all the way to the end of the video, we want to ensure you that the last video of the dog being kidnapped by the drone is fake, so don’t worry, the dog is fine.

Now let’s conclude the top 10 stupid things that owners did with their drones:

  1. Flying over white house
  2. Orville the drone cat
  3. Pokemon Go Cheater
  4. Crashing drone into geological wonder
  5. Proposing
  6. Delivering Champaign
  7. Flamethrower drone
  8. Drones used to drop drugs
  9. Dad built drone to follow son
  10. Drone steals a dog

Well, there you go. That was top 10 stupid things that people ever made with their drones. Hope you have learned something from this video. Please always follow the rules and fly safe!

Thank you for reading!


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