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Will Smith brings DJI Mavic out on The Tonight Show!




The Mavic on the Tonight Show may have flown inside of a building packed with an audience, but it was equipped with propeller guards to ensure safety. The drone pilot also flew the quadcopter in sync with Fallon’s hand gestures to make it seem like the TV host was controlling the drone, which proves that the Mavic is stable and capable enough for indoor flights.

Tonight Show

YouTube Channel

Smith just started his YouTube channel three months ago in December 2017, and he has already amassed 1.2 million subscribers. In one of his older videos, Smith threw a towel at a Mavic to safely land the drone on a boat. In another video, Smith hit a golf ball with a firework that exploded in the air. His videos are a mixture of travel, personal insights and pure entertainment, so it wasn’t long before he reached a milestone. The achievement was recognized by YouTube, and Smith was awarded with a Gold Play Button.

Tonight Show

“I have platinum records, and Grammys and all that, but I was really excited to get that [YouTube] Play Button,” said Smith. “That Play Button was something sweet.”

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