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Will Smith brings DJI Mavic out on The Tonight Show!




Actor, rapper and now famous Youtuber Will Smith celebrated his 1 million subscriber milestone on a TV show called The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon by bringing action cameras and a drone on set. Smith had a pilot fly a DJI Mavic inside the building, and the stunt was regarded as the first time a drone has ever flown live on The Tonight Show. Here is Smith’s YouTube video featuring the drone footage:

The Tonight Show featuring Jimmy Fallon

Smith went on stage with multiple cameras and mounts to show that he was a real Youtuber. In a jokingly manner, Smith said that all the cameras were for him to film different shots. Smith then revealed that he had a drone. Shortly after, a Mavic flew up on stage and filmed the crowd and the band.

Tonight Show

As a drone pilot controlled the Mavic a few feet away from Smith and Fallon, Fallon pretended he was controlling the drone using gesture control. As the Mavic flew closer, Smith hopped in front of the drone and used his awkwardly placed hip mount to defend Fallon.

Tonight Show

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