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Is This A Hover Camera Passport Knockoff Or A Great Alternative?




Hover Camera Passport featured image

Is this a Hover Camera Passport Knockoff or a great alternative? Time UAV Selfie Camera is now available for pre-sale on an eBay-like Chinese site called TaoBao. This hover camera is made by a Shenzen-based drone company called Simtoo, and it looks a lot like the Apple exclusive Hover Camera Passport drone.

It’ll come in two different versions: the smart version ($188.17) and the luxury version ($231.62). On paper, the Time UAV drone has some heavyweight features for a drone its size. This might even be a better all-around selfie drone since its price is significantly lower than the Hover Camera Passport.

Simtoos Time UAV Drone

Hover Camera Passport Drone

Hover Camera Passport Drone


The Time UAV drone will be capable of shooting 4K at 30 FPS. It’ll also be able to shoot at 60 FPS but at 1080P. The FOV is 147 degrees. This drone will have an electronic pan and tilt range of up to 90 degrees. It’ll come with many different automated flight modes such as follow, panoramic, and other aerial photography modes. It can fly for up to 15 minutes with its 2900mAh battery. It’s ISO range is 100-3200. It’ll come with a 16MP camera that can shoot at a resolution of up to 4640×3480.

The image sensor is a 1/2.5in CMOS sensor. This drone will also have an electric image stabilization (EIS) feature. Its 4K video can also shoot at 25FPS at a 3840×2160 resolution. The Time UAV drone shoots at a bitrate of 60Mbps! It’s Wi-Fi will work on 2.4ghz. It can reach a top speed of up to 3m/s or about 6.7 mph. Its full fly ready size is 215x263x47mm or 8.8×10.3×1.8in. It can also fold into a smaller size: 215x153x50mm or 8.8x6x1.9in. The whole drone weights 400 grams.

How Can You Control It?

It’ll be controlled with an app on your phone.

Hover Camera Passport app

What Colors Are Available?

Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, and Ultimate Black are the available colors.

Hover Camera Passport available colors

How Long Does It Take To Fly?

The company claims that it only takes 30 seconds for the Time UAV drone to get ready and take off.

Time UAV: Smart Version vs Luxury Version

The only major difference between the two versions is the GPS. Both versions will have the same basic features, but the luxury version will be equipped with a GPS/Glonass dual satellite system for better stability. The luxury package will also come with a case and two portable chargers.

Time UAV Smart Version

When Will This Be Released?

If you pre-order this now, you can expect this to ship around July 2017.

Hover Camera Passport release date

This drone is made for selfies and close range scenarios. Its portable size and design are similar to the Apple Exclusive Hover Camera Passport, but its features on paper are better. This may be a knockoff in terms of design, but its impressive features can actually make this a great alternative.

Since it is priced low, this Time UAV selfie drone is something to consider!


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