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TIME uses 958 Intel drones to create iconic magazine cover




Shooting Star drones are usually positioned about 10 feet away from each other, but the space between the drones was reduced to about 5 feet because of the limited area.


The whole drone formation was estimated to be about 328 feet tall by 400 feet wide.

“This is our first time shooting a magazine cover. We’ve got a tight timeline. They’re going up getting a lot of drones up in the air, and we’ve got to be in the perfect, precise position to get that shot,” said Corey Gineris, Astraeus Aerial’s lead pilot.

Screenshot from TIME’s video shows the commercial drone Astraeus Aerial Cinema Systems used to photograph the cover of the magazine.

Besides tuning camera settings to picture LED lights in a low-light situation, the crew from Astraeus Aerial Cinema Systems had to fly far enough to fit 928 drones into a vertical photograph.

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