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This VTOL UAV carries passengers and can fly where helicopters can’t!





Similar to other VTOL manned aircrafts, aka drone taxis, Cormorant can be equipped with a deployable rocket parachute for an emergency landing.


Video screenshots show the transportation of a medical training manikin for demo purposes.

According to a press release by Tactical Robotics, Cormorant performed its first “mission representative” demonstration for the Israel Defence Forces on May 7, 2018. The demo showcased the VTOL UAV’s ability to transport a cargo payload and a “casualty” by using a medical training manikin.

Other companies like Ehang also have a VTOL UAV.

In Dubai, drone taxis are already being tested, but Cormorant stands out with its unique design. The future for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles include more than just hobby drones; Tactical Robotics and similar companies can be seen as pioneers for tomorrow’s transportation.

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