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This quadcopter with 96 batteries flies up to 2 hours!




A California-based startup company called Impossible Aerospace built a professional-grade quadcopter around 96 batteries to reach flight times up to 2 hours. The Impossible US-1 is the company’s first drone, but Impossible Aerospace already stated that their quadcopter is “the highest performance aircraft with electric propulsion.”

Impossible US-1 specs

The 15.7-pound quadcopter can carry payloads up to 2.9 lbs., and its IP43 rating means it is protected against direct sprays of water. The 26” x 26” Impossible US-1 is rated to fly up to 42 mph with four 24” x 7” propellers, and it can be controlled by a single, 16-channel controller. An optional ground station can also be paired with the quadcopter, and that includes a 20” video screen, 12” control screen, 5-hour battery life, AES-128 encrypted video link and a 1080p 60 fps video link.

The drone’s 96 batteries can all be charged within one hour using the optional, $450 fast charger.

The Impossible US-1 Thermal model can be purchased with the ground station and a FLIR Duo Pro R thermal imaging camera for $16,000.

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