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This Prodrone PD-ANY Will Make Your Chairs And Tables FLY!




You might have heard about Prodrone company, the one that made so-called Canon drone. Today they are showing off a new Prodrone PD-ANY that is made to carry objects around or as they say:

Don’t use drones to carry your goods! Turn your goods into drones!

So the concept is pretty simple: you can choose 4 or 6 drone arms with batteries, ESCs, motors, and propellers to the objects. instead of the drone frame.

Prodrone PD ANY motors

This might seem to be a way to gimmicky but in fact, it contains very hight tech parts. You see no cables hanging of that chair and that is because flight controller communicates with every arm wirelessly.
See the Prodrone PD-ANY introduction video here:

The Prodrone PD-ANY can be mounted on the things as heavy as 15kg. But how useless useful can it be?  Well, it might become a perfect investment if you have no friends and you want to carry a table to the forest during sunset like this guy.

Prodrone PD ANY

Prodrone PD ANY side

But in case you want to fly a chair somewhere else, don’t forget that you will have to drive there anyway to get the drone kit back. So the point of this product’s existence in still unclear.

Prodrone PD ANY

Anyway, sometimes it’s great to see such a funny and interesting concepts.

Thank you for reading!


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