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This drone ambulance could one day save your life!




According to CBS News, the vehicle will be powered by batteries that supply the drone with a flight time of 20 minutes per trip.

In a Physics World article, Caltech said the final design would resemble the size of a Toyota Prius, and it would be capable of hitting speeds up to 75 mph.

drone ambulance

Photo credit: Physics World

Where is the drone ambulance being built?

Caltech is known as one of the top tech schools in the world for engineering and science, so if there’s a group qualified enough to design a sophisticated drone ambulance it’s these guys. Currently, the drone is being developed in a 10,000-square-foot facility called Center for Autonomous Systems and Technologies (CAST). This center was designed to create next generation autonomous systems, which includes submersible vehicles, walking robots and even aerial delivery systems for Earth and Mars.

drone ambulance

The drone ambulance is made to fly over roads and buildings, so it has potential to drastically cut the response time it takes to reach a victim. The Caltech project is still in the early stage, but researchers will have to figure out how to get someone inside the drone ambulance. When this technology actually becomes a reality, it’ll change how emergencies are handled.

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