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This drone ambulance could one day save your life!




Researchers from California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have designed a 1/5th scale autonomous drone ambulance with hopes of one day creating a car-size “rescue pod,” according to KQED News. The drone ambulance has been worked on for two years now, but the final goal will be an emergency air transport vehicle built for one person. CBS Los Angeles created a video showing the drone ambulance in flight, so here it is in action:

The self-flying drone will be designed to rescue a single person in areas where first responders have trouble reaching, and it could even be used to air lift an injured victim. Caltech also announced plans to install sensors inside of the drone to monitor a patient’s vital signs. Since the drone is autonomous, an artificial intelligence system will be created to pilot a patient to safety. Even though it’ll take an estimated five years to develop a full-size version, the drone ambulance’s design is already being tested to see how it responds to adverse weather conditions.

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