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This DIY drone phone case might be fake, but it could still be the future of selfies! 




By repositioning the taped motors, Amazing maker was shown lying on his back and watching a YouTube video in landscape mode.

Questionable video

The two-propeller drone phone was displayed as fully stabilized while flying, even indoors! Consumer UAVs with four propellers sometimes struggle to hover as good as the drone phone featured in Amazing maker’s video, so it’s a little skeptical that a drone with two taped motors can fly almost perfectly still.

Safety risks

Flying phone cases could easily be snatched while a group is posing for a photo, so security could be an issue. Premium phones now cost in the $1000 range, so strapping a high-end mobile phone into a flying drone case is a potential disaster if it fails.

Why drone phone cases could still be the future of selfies

Even though the drone phone video could be fake and a flying drone case has its share of risks, it could still be a game changer for how selfies are taken in the future. There is already a market for mini drones designed specifically for selfies, but a phone case that converts into a drone for photography is a new level of drone technology. A hovering phone case may seem a little far-fetched right now, but considering the rate of how drones are getting smaller and more efficient, it’ll only be a matter of time before a company legitimately creates something as convenient as a flying selfie case for phones.

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