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This DIY drone phone case might be fake, but it could still be the future of selfies! 




YouTuber Amazing maker uploaded a video showing how he attached drone parts onto a phone’s case to supposedly make it fly. The legitimacy of the DIY project is questionable, but the idea of flying phone cases could still be the future of selfies.

The YouTuber taped two motors, a 120 mAh battery, an on and off switch, some wires and a Arduino flight controller onto the back and sides of a phone case. The YouTuber’s self-made drone phone was apparently stable enough to shoot a selfie using the camera’s timer.


All screenshots are from Amazing maker’s YouTube video.

Even though Amazing maker described the parts used to create the drone phone case, the exact parts listed were vague for a how-to video.

Using the phone’s built-in flash, the contraption was also used as a flying desk lamp.

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