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Drone with thermal imaging camera locates kidnapped assault victim




A teenager in the UK who called the police claiming she was being held by an assaulter at an unknown location was found using a drone equipped with thermal imaging.

The Independent Reports that the 16 year old girl from Lincolnshire called 999 claiming she had been raped and was currently being held by her attacker. Using the limited information she was able to provide, police deployed a drone to her approximate location and found her “within minutes.”

She told police that she was in Boston, Lincolnshire – a small port town in the North East of England. She also mentioned she was in an industrial complex surrounded by an 8 foot wire fence. That was enough information for the drone unit – yes they have one of those – to deploy to the location and find heat signatures of the victim and perpetrator. Officers then arrested the suspect, a man in his mid 30s and freed the victim (see video below).

She is now safe and receiving counselling for her traumatic ordeal.

Boston, Lincolnshire, the town where a teenage assault victim was located by police using a drone and thermal imaging camera. Credit – Google.

The police themselves appear to be enthusiastic Twitter users. They have shared the video via Tweet below which appears to shows the suspect being apprehended (the quality isn’t great).

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