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The Karma Returns – Interview Regarding The GoPro Karma 2




GoPro Karma
GoPro's Karma Being Displayed at CES 2017

GoPro’s Karma Being Displayed at CES 2017

Just when you thought that the Karma was done for due to their major recall and a class action lawsuit back in November 2016, GoPro confirmed plans to further establish themselves in the drone market later this year. According to a GoPro representative at CES 2017, the Karma’s full re-release report will be publicly made “Early February.” With high hopes for a relaunch of their prized Karma, a possible Karma 2 may even be in the making, but can GoPro re-enter the lucrative drone market, or will their tarnished reputation haunt them as they attempt to bounce back from an upsetting year?

Did GoPro Just Confirm A Karma 2?

Karma 2 Interview Area

When GoPro was asked if they still had plans to pursue the drone industry, Kristian Jamieson, a GoPro staff, responded, “Absolutely… we’re approaching quadcopters a lot differently than a lot of other manufacturers… For us, it’s about a camera ecosystem… We’re not interested in making quadcopters that can do tricks or fly fast… We’re 100% about building a camera platform.” When GoPro was asked if we can expect a Karma 2, Mr. Jamieson casually replied, “Absolutely. We’re always working on stuff.” He continued to reassure that GoPro’s engineering operated in-house in San Mateo, California, so there were no foreign binding contractors, and he confidently said that they were years ahead with their technology. This goes to show that they still intend to establish their footprint in the drone industry regardless of the various mishaps that have been occurring with the company.

GoPro Karma


Is This A Desperate Approach, Or Is This A Legitimate Strategy?

Often times consumers tend to compare certain drones and categorize them to something similar. In this case, the DJI Mavic is widely known as its core competition, but is it truly in the same class? If the Karma goes toe to toe with the Mavic, then it’s safe to say that it’ll lose in every aspect except for one stand-out feature that it still holds over other quadcopters: the detachable Karma Grip. If GoPro can continue to successfully market the drone’s capability to seamlessly transfer from aerial to handheld videography and photography, then they may still find a place in the growing drone world. After DJI successfully launched their Mavic back in late 2016, GoPro seems to now focus on the interchangeable camera aspect instead of the drone itself. The question is: was this always their strategy, or is this an attempt to push their recalls back into the market?

karma Grip 2 Karma 1

GoPro In 2017

It seems like GoPro is under some trials, which is quite literal in this case because of an ongoing class action lawsuit tied to the Karma, but if they can withstand these momentary financial storms, then this once successful giant of a company can still claim a place at the top. GoPro kept their lips sealed this year at CES about future releases. At best, one may say that these details are still quite vague.

If GoPro is truly going for a Karma 2, then some drastic changes must be implemented in the drone itself because the action cameras have already built a good reputation, but quadcopters are a different ball game, and the camera’s aerial footage goes hand in hand with the drone’s capability.

Their quadcopter’s re-release will once again be placed in a position that can possibly determine the company’s future in the drone world. With the relaunch of the Karma on the horizon, 2017 will surely be a make-or-break year for GoPro.

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