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Newly Owned 2017 Lily Drone Is Available To Buy!




Back in February 2017, the company who made the Lily Drone filed for bankruptcy and planned to give refunds to the customers who pre-ordered their product. We Talk UAV covered the startup company’s failed drone launch, but now the Lily Drone is making a comeback. A California based drone selling company called Mota Group recently purchased the assets of Lily Robotics, so they have revamped the drone and equipped it with new features. The Lily Drone is notoriously regarded as a 3-year scam since numerous customers pre-ordered it off Kickstarter without ever receiving a drone, but now that a new company owns the original design, the 2017 Lily Drone is here with a new design and a new 4K camera!

2017 Lily Drone


2017 Lily Drone 2.0

There are still customers who haven’t received a refund from the original Lily Drone, but the 2017 Lily Drone is being sold from an established drone company who has sold numerous toy drones. The next generation Lily Drone can now be ordered in 2 different packages, but the worldwide free shipping won’t start for another 2-4 weeks! This drone is new, but it does have some of the same features as the original Lily Drone; it easily flies with its one-touch takeoff, and it can follow a person. The 2017 Lily Drone comes with 13 MP camera that can shoot 4K in 60 FPS and slow-motion 720p videos in 120 FPS. The 22 mph capable drone has batteries that last 18 minutes each, and it has a similar folding design as a GoPro Karma.

Mota Groups Lily Robotics


According to DroningON News, the 2017 Lily Drone has some major differences. The main change is that the new drone is not waterproof! Instead of having 4 rotors, the newer drone has 8 motors. This next generation drone weights lighter at 385 grams, and it has a mechanical gimbal which works together with an electronic image stabilization system.

lily drone new design

Drone LIlY reinvented

2017 Lily Drone Packages

The 2017 Lily Drone will be available to buy off the official site for $499 as a standard package and $799 as a fully loaded package. Both packages will come with an extra battery, charging cable, extra propellers, propeller guards, 16 GB memory, and a rapid charger. However the loaded package will come with a portable case, remote controller with a built-in screen, and a 1-year loss and damage protection warranty.

LILY Drone Chart

Coupon Codes

If purchases are made before August 31, 2017, buyers can use coupon codes to receive $300 off the fully loaded package and $50 dollars off the standard package. Use coupon code “TM3RH82for the loaded package and “B1REME4” for the standard package to receive a discount.

 drone lily new 2017

If the original Lily Drone was released like it was supposed to, it may have earned a place in the best drones list. The 2017 Lily Drone will be a direct competition for the DJI Spark if it can hold true to its advertised claims. The Lily Drone may have angered customers in the past, but this new re-release might actually be legit.


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