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We Talk UAV’s Dronetalk Episode 2 – Zenmuse X7




dronetalk episode 2

This week on We Talk UAV’s Dronetalk Episode 2, the newly released DJI Zenmuse X7 camera for the Inspire 2 is introduced. The actual X7 camera will soon be reviewed by our team, so for the meanwhile, this episode reviews over the main specs and goes into some detail about them. Watch this We Talk UAV made video to see what “the next level of aerial cinematography” is all about:

Dronetalk Episode 2

The Zenmuse X7 is a 6K capable camera that has a Super 35mm sensor. The 35mm sensors are commonly used for Hollywood movies and other professional videos. The improved low light capabilities is due to the increased dynamic range. The 24 MP CMOS sensor on the X7 is rated at 14 stops of dynamic range.

Dronetalk Episode 2

DJI’s New Mount System

The DL-Mount on the carbon fiber lenses is the world’s first aerial lens mount that was specifically made by DJI. Currently, there are only four compatible lenses for the X7, so buyers will have to wait and see if 3rd party lenses or even adaptors become available.

dronetalk episode 2

Is 6K the New Standard?

DJI, once again, pushed the boundaries of aerial cinematography by introducing a 6K capable camera. Dell offers a 32” 8K monitor, but that alone costs more than the Zenmuse X7. The higher resolution may be too much, too soon for the average consumer drone pilot, but that is why DJI made this specifically for professionals. The technology to process 6K may be years away from being easily accessible for the everyday droner. As far as the new standard, the 6K camera may only be considered a standard for professionals creating content for the likes of movies and TV shows.

The X7 is Only for the Inspire 2 For Now…

DJI said that the X7 was made only for the Inspire 2, but they have yet to comment on future plans to make the new camera available for other UAVs or even an upgraded Osmo.

dronetalk episode 2

Artist of the Week: Matthew Chirico

This week’s featured artist in Dronetalk Episode 2 is Matthew Chirico, and his video of Staten Island, New York has time lapses, bird’s-eye views and various other reveal shots. The drone artist showed scenes which captured the beauty of local nature and city landscapes.

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