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T-Frend drone kicks out overtime workers





In the Japan Times article, Taisei’s Director Norihiro Kato targeted the T-Frend service price to be around ¥500,000 a month, which is about $4410.

Release Date & Companies Behind T-Frend

T-Frend is estimated to be available in Japan as early as April 2018, according to Engadget. The drone was built by Taisei, while the indoor flight system was developed by Blue Innovation and the cloud service is linked to NTT East Japan.

Of all the security drones in development today, this one was built to be loud. Japan has produced unique drones like the advertising UAV, but the T-Frend is in a league of its own. For a country that has a problem with workers overworking to the point of death, this might be an extreme solution to an extreme problem. The root of the problem will still be there, but at least this drone has potential to get workers out of the building.

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