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T-Frend drone kicks out overtime workers





Japan’s overtime work ethic, which has led to some extreme cases of death, is a problem embedded in its culture, so now a drone has been created to stop workers from working too much. Taisei developed an indoor UAV called T-Frend to kick workers out of the office by playing loud music. This office drone has the ability to autonomously fly inside a building without GPS thanks to an indoor flight system. Besides protecting workers, T-Frend was also built to be a security drone. Here is an inside look at the office drone through Engadget Japanese’s YouTube video:

T-Frend System

This 2-in-1 drone was made to be a patrol and alarm system that will travel in a fixed flight path. It can photograph workers, monitor businesses and upload data to a cloud for remote access. The drone featured in Engadget’s video has a built-in turquoise colored propeller guard to protect office workers from potentially harmful drone injuries, but a YouTube video released on December 8, showcased a prototype T-Frend playing the Scottish tune Auld Lang Syne. This means that the drone is still in the development stage. Talks of even adding facial recognition to distinguish workers from intruders were also reported in a Japan Times article. In order to prevent workers from working until they drop, T-Frend will hover next to an overtime worker. The wind generated by the drone and music are supposed to act as obnoxious distractions.


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