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SwissDrones testing SDO 50 V2 drone that can lift 45 kg




SwissDrones SDO 50 V2

The SwissDrones SDO 50 V2 drone is not once of those popular multirotors, but a traditional helicopter, which are quite a bit less seen in our days. It is a heavy duty machine that has a maximum take off weight of 87 kilograms, (yes, this is just as much as  an average man weights) .

The SwissDrones SDO 50 V2 has an intermeshing motor, which means it has a higher empty weight/payload ratio compared to other helicopter systems. This particular model has an empty weight of 42kg and can lift impressive 45kg.
You can learn more about intermeshing helicopters here.

Not only SDO 50 V2 has a strong and well designed hardware, but it also features smart software, allowing helicopter to perform automatic take offs and landings as well as the flying preset path.

Here are some rough specifications of this drone:


Rotary system: Flettner double rotor system (4 blades)
Rotor diameter: 2 x 2,82 m
Engine: High performance turbine
Fuel: JET A1 (optional  Diesel)
Fuel consumption: Approx. 15 L/hour
Dimension l/w/h: 2,32 m x 0,7 m x 0,92 m
Empty weight:  42 kg
Max payload: 45 kg
MTOW: 87 kg
Max fuel capacity: Main tank 13 L; additional tanks available for longer flying time (2 x 4 L; 2 x 7 L; 2 x 13 L)
Max flight time: Up to 2,5 hours
Max service ceiling: Up to 3000 m AMSL
Max airspeed: 20 m/s (72 km/h)


to learn more about SwissDrones, visit their official website.

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via SUAS News


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