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Surveillance drones could prevent attacks before they happen




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Major downside of this technology

Although these proposed AI surveillance drones could definitely have a positive, lifesaving potential, the researchers concede that their technology could also be harnessed by authoritarian regimes for very different purposes. For instance, if the algorithms were programmed to respond to other things, such as the way someone walks or their clothing – there could be enormous privacy and freedom applications. What if a country like Turkey or China used these drones exclusively to target pesky journalists who report on the regime’s misdeeds?

One can also imagine times when such software could falsey identify human behaviour as violent, such as when friends are playfighting, where no risk is really existed. The point is: we should be super careful before embracing a technology we don’t fully understand which may have monumental impacts on people’s freedom and liberty.

Whatever the case, we shall keep you updated with the progress with this project.

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