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SureFly is a Next-Gen Personal Octocopter





From flying motorcycles to drone taxis, the future of transportation is just around the corner. Surefly is a hybrid octocopter shaped like a drone, but it was designed to be a low-cost personal helicopter. This two-seater VTOL aircraft comes packed with redundant safety features, and its arms can even be folded-in like a DJI M200. The Surefly was created to be more than just a personal flying vehicle; it can also be used for military, emergency and cargo purposes.


SureFly vs. Helicopter

This personal helicopter is estimated to cost less than $200,000, which is a cheaper option compared to other helicopters. Besides the price difference, Surefly comes equipped with eight independent motors, which each drive a single carbon fiber propeller for optimal safety. Unlike a helicopter, Surefly will still be able to fly even if two or three propellers fail. It is mainly powered by gasoline, but it also has a backup battery power system for emergency landings. Surefly can be stored inside a standard garage thanks to its four foldable carbon fiber arms. Its simple design allows it to fly without wings, tails, tilt rotors or tilt wings. It was created to be easy to operate, but pilots will still need a special license to fly it.



Surefly has a top speed of 70 mph, and its max takeoff weight is estimated to be 1,500 pounds. It has a gasoline piston engine that drives dual generators to provide power to the motors. Surefly can get up to one hour of flight time per tank of gasoline. It can go as high as 4,000 feet, and it comes with full computer and electrical redundancy systems. The emergency battery power system lasts for five minutes, but passengers can always resort to using the ballistic parachute system in extreme cases.

Estimated Launch

According to a Fox Business interview uploaded on YouTube, Workhouse CEO Steve Burns estimated the Surefly to launch in 2019. They are working to get the vehicle certified through the FAA.


When Workhouse designed the personal helicopter, they created it to be safe enough for even a teenager to fly, according to Burns.


About the Company

Workhouse is an American based company that created Surefly, but they are known for making electric trucks and other delivery drones. Their Horsefly model was used for UPS’ drone delivery testing.

Certification for this flying passenger vehicle is all that is required to get it flying in the US, said Burns. “It’s not the technical; it’s the regulatory.”


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