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Study shows drones help search and rescue teams find victims faster!




“Searchers in the study said finding a victim with a drone was harder than they expected, which shows why it is vital for the SAR community to develop best standards for how to use drones,” said Alfonso Zamarro, EENA Drones Activities Manager. “What patterns should drones fly? What altitude provides the best coverage? What sensors are best for spotting missing people? Which areas are best searched by ground forces, and which by drones? Answering these questions won’t be easy, but it will have a powerful impact.”

What drones did the search and rescue teams use?

Field protocols and communication for drone-equipped teams could also be improved to maximize efficiency. Consumer UAVs are now powerful enough to provide enough coverage for basic SAR missions, but SAR teams should be equipped with plans to execute in times of emergency. Drone equipment designed specifically for SAR teams are already in the works, but how SAR teams operate and communicate in real time need to be prioritized since people’s lives will depend on how fast these teams spot them.


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