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STEM-based drone camps teaches kids how to code and fly drones!




Drone camps vary in length, but typically kids go in and learn how to fly a drone within a day. Some drone camps teach kids how to repair a drone through soldering, while other camps are designed to teach kids how to code by programming drones to do maneuvers and even flips.

Programmable drones like the Ryze Tello and the Robolink CoDrone lets kids learn how to code and fly a drone.

Droning and coding

Robolink is another company to consider for STEM-based drone learning. The California-based company is offering drone programming camps for kids in San Deigo. Robolink’s drone summer camp can teach kids block coding while they control drone sensors like gryo, accelerometer, barometer, IR and optical flow.

“Besides being able to fly a drone safely and learn from all these experts, these students are also getting a second benefit – being able to stay inside where it’s a bit cooler,” said Meteorologist Jeff Jamison in a CBS 11 drone camp segment.

drone camps

Photo credit: Robolink.

Drone camps are all different; some camps operate indoors in gymnasiums, while other camps fly racing quads outdoors. Make sure to find a drone camp that specifically incorporates the STEM curriculum to maximize learning for kids. Regardless of which drone camp a kid is sent to, flying drones is a sure way to mix fun and learning.

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