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STEM-based drone camps teaches kids how to code and fly drones!




The demand in drone technology has resulted in drone summer camps appearing all over the United States. Anyone can now learn how to safely fly a UAV with the help of professionals, and even kids can learn how to program drones. Some of these drone camps are designed with the STEM curriculum, so kids can learn science, technology, engineering and math while having fun.

Kids can attend different types of drone camps. Some camps offer pilot training, FPV racing or even engineering-based drone programs. There are companies like Drobots who offer STEM-based summer camps in 17 different states. Drobots has been recognized as the number one drone STEM program for kids and teens in the nation, and they are even a partner of NASA, according to JCC Association of North America.

Photo credit: JCAA.

“We can teach kids to fly drones safely. It intertwines with the STEM program because we have pilots, we have engineers, scouts, and they’re all working together as a team in order to get the drones to fly and learn about safety as they move along,” said Drobots instructor Natasha Riggins.

Screenshot from Drobot’s video shows kids tinkering with drones.

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