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Customisation tool

One of the innovative features of the KiwiQuads website is that it allows buyers to easily build and visualise what their new racing drone will look like.

Oliver says that he and Tristan had both always been keen on customising drones. As they don’t have a physical store, they wanted to offer a facility online for people to see what their drone would look like as a finished product.

“We then started researching what technologies existed that could help us bring our idea to life. I stumbled upon BabylonJS, which is a 3D game engine written in Javascript,” Oliver says.

The 3D dynamic model customiser (image below), allows users to pick the colours and components of their drones. The rotating model of the drone changes as you choose different components.

“Our team’s web development background really helped us to achieve a polished product,” he says.

Oliver says that they’ve had great feedback from users all around the world trying out the customiser tool. YouTuber and FPV racer Joshua Bardwell (who has 100,000 YouTube followers) checked out the site had described it as “very neat.”

Although drone racing is still a pretty small scene in New Zealand, it is steadily growing. In the next few months, Oliver would like to host his own drone racing event. KiwiQuads will also release new features for the customiser later this year.

Who should try drone racing?

“It’s a really special experience being in the front seat of a racing drone. Many drone pilots would agree its a very unique sport and proving to be a very ‘up and coming’ community. I’d encourage anyone interested to look up some FPV videos and start with a basic drone to learn the controls and get flying, just like Tristan and I did.”

The KiwiQuad Customiser tool allows customers to choose the components of their racing drone and visualise what the final product will look like before ordering.

To see more of KiwiQuads for yourself, check out their website.

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