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Spry: Kickstarter drone that submerges, floats and flies!




Drone specs

Spry is built to fly up to 17 minutes, and it can go as fast as 43 mph in manual mode. The quadcopter’s altitude is capped at 656 feet, but it can go as far as 2,624 feet. The built-in monitor on the waterproof controller is 4.3 inches diagonally, and its brightness is rated up to 600 cd/m².

The drone including the battery weighs 1.39 pounds.

Who is Spry for?

Drone pilots looking to film watersports won’t have to worry about water damage, but nearly everyone can benefit flying a UAV designed to safely operate in almost every weather condition.

Price and availability

SwellPro USA already hit their campaign goal within 45 minutes of launch, so even though the early bird specials are no longer available, Spry can be backed on Kickstarter starting at $769, which is $220 off the retail price once it officially launches. SwellPro USA is offering backers seven options to chose from, and the estimated shipping date for all orders is December 2018. Spry can also be shipped anywhere in the world.

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