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The Truck Full Of Sony Gear Was Stolen On The Way To NAB Show




Sony gear truck

The well-trusted websites like Canon Rumors and Petapixel reported that the truck with Sony gear that was going to the NAB Show got stolen on its way. CR didn’t disclose their “solid source” but added that Sony had some other 3rd party equipment in their truck, and now it’s gone.

Canon Rumors has referred to Sony asking to comment on this situation, and here is how they replied:

Thanks for reaching out […] I’m afraid I can’t comment on the below at the moment since we’re looking into it and as the team is onsite setting up, it’s difficult to get a hold of them right now. But what I can say is that from what I’ve seen and heard about the booth this year, it’s going to be AMAZING.

We should say that Sony’s PR guys did a great job on training their stuff. They know how to turn the negative news into something positive. What could it be? Sony A7 Mark III? More Zeiss or G-Master lenses or somewhat VR related. Let’s wait and see.

People are not robbing banks like in good old movies anymore, whoever stole that Sony gear knew its value, same as this guy stealing cameras from DJI Store a few months ago.

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